Why Your Business Needs to be on Google+ Local

Previously Google Places, Google+ Local is now Google’s online review and recommendations aggregator, already racking up more than 100,000 participating businesses. Google+ Local links form location pins in Google Maps and has teamed up with Zagat ratings to provide overviews … Continued

Why LinkedIn Is A Smart Tool For Businesses

When making use of social media for your business, LinkedIn can often be overlooked. LinkedIn has become a successfully useful tool for a variety of different businesses, big and small. When putting together your social media marketing strategy, LinkedIn should … Continued

5 Social Media Myths

Social media has become a central part of marketing strategies for all businesses, but with new strategies comes more confusion. Many popular beliefs about social media just aren’t true, and we’re here to find the myths and shed light on … Continued

Facebook Introduces Clickable Hashtags

Facebook announced the introduction of clickable hashtags on it’s news site this week, making it possible to see large feeds of the biggest topics people are posting about using hashtags (can we get a #finally?). Similar to Twitter or Instagram, … Continued

Twitter Marketing Gone Wrong

Twitter can be incredibly powerful for driving qualified leads to your business. Done well, Twitter can help your business engage with thought leaders, customers and other important members of your community. But Twitter marketing isn’t always done well. Many things … Continued

Pinterest Marketing Tips for Beginners

You’ve probably heard a lot about Pinterest over the last year, and rightfully so: 15 percent of adult Internet users in the United States have an account on the service. With that many active users, it’s time to start thinking … Continued

The Power of Twitter

If your company is wondering if it’s worth it to keep up with your Twitter account, this story might convince you to devote even more time to it. On Tuesday, the Associated Press’ Twitter account was hacked into, and a … Continued

Online Marketing Tool Profile: Tumblr

You might have seen Tumblr blogs, but wonder how your business could benefit from using yet another social media platform. We recommend just trying it out because as an Entrepreneur article shared, Tumblr can benefit many companies. Tumblr was founded … Continued

5 Twitter Tips for Beginners

Twitter started in 2006, but even though it’s been around for seven years, many are just now learning to tweet. When you first start Twitter and gaze at your Twitter stream constantly changing with clever one liners and links from … Continued

The Art of Sharing

We’ve all learned that social media is a great way to spread the content we’ve worked so hard to create. Social media shares are like free advertising, but even better because people find endorsements from their friends to be much … Continued