What They Needed

ALK Abello is a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Denmark that focuses on allergy treatment, prevention and diagnosis. ALK Abello came to the Fahrenheit Marketing team looking for ways the company could further optimize the delivery of its messages to patients and physicians through printed and digital media.

How We Helped

Working with ALK Abello's strategy team, Fahrenheit Marketing rebranded the printed materials that the company used to educate its clients, both doctors and patients. As a result, we were able to create a more streamlined collateral library that showcases ALK Abello's trusted brand through engaging and easy-to-read materials.

ALK Abello also wanted to increase awareness of allergy treatment options using the company's association with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The company asked Fahrenheit Marketing to create a website that would deliver their message intuitively and in an engaging format. We created a fully interactive site that created community for allergy sufferers and awareness of the available treatment options. The website showcases a wealth of information and multimedia related to the allergy themes and provides an indispensable knowledge base for anyone fighting allergy issues.


ALK Abello now has a clean and objective collateral library that engages with both physicians and patients. The interactive website Fahrenheit Marketing created for ALK Abello empowers patients to become informed about their allergies and asthma so they can manage their symptoms and thrive.