What They Needed

The Grass Outlet is a family-owned business which grows and delivers turf grass for commercial and residential properties in Texas. When they came to Fahrenheit Marketing, The Grass Outlet needed a new website to better showcase their products and provide online ordering capability.

Fahrenheit Marketing was able to increase The Grass Outlet's monthly visitors from under 1,000 to over 8,000, in only five months.

And these visitors are driving sales. The website completed over 130 orders in May 2013.

How We Helped


We designed a new website for The Grass Outlet that incorporates eCommerce functionality with customized shipping cost calculations. Since the client ships to multiple locations around the state, they needed to be able to quote different shipping prices for destinations in each of several regions. Our online ordering system allows customers to select their city and then instantly updates the prices of the turf grass to reflect the shipping costs.

Live Product Filtering

We also designed a live product filtering system that allows the user to choose the best type of grass for their project based on attributes such as mowing height, mowing frequency, drought resistance and shade tolerance. By manipulating sliders, the user is able to instantaneously narrow down a range of products to fit their project specifications.

Delivery Management Capabilities

Finally, our development team designed a delivery management feature which allows the client to organize incoming orders by truck and destination. Using a drag-and-drop interface, the client can manipulate which trucks carry which orders in real time and across multiple devices. The feature allows the client to accurately predict delivery time and benefits both employees of The Grass Outlet and customers who want to know when a shipment will arrive.