3 Must Haves for Every Website

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In order to have a successful website there are many “must haves” no matter the type of business or industry you may be involved in. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad websites polluting our search results that display irrelevant information to the user. Make sure to follow these tips to optimize your website, and ultimately, the users’ experience who interacts with your content.

Search Bar-Help!

We can make it easier for users by properly displaying information. Your homepage should contain your main “call-to-actions” linking the user to the internal pages. Although this is helpful to a certain extent, it may be useful to add a search bar in the footer or header to make it easier for a user to find specific information on your site. For many users, a search box is a go-to-tool for finding information they aren’t able to locate on their own.

Contact Page – Yes an Entire Page!

Don’t make your users search through multiple pages just to find your contact information. After enticing customers with information about your products or services, you must have an area for your contact information! A good contact page should list your address, phone number, fax number, and include a Google map  so people can easily find you. To reduce the amount of phone calls, implement a contact form that collects consumer data (name, phone, email) and whatever question the customer needs an answer to. This information can be used for other marketing purposes, such as cross-selling and  collecting leads for your business. 

Blog – Voice Your Knowledge!

Blogging inspires and educates your audience by providing a channel for them to get to know you and  learn more about your services and products. Having a “voice” on your website helps users connect with you on a deeper, more personable level. Writing blog articles also validates your own personal experience and knowledge. It’s also important to keep up with your content and provide timely pieces of quality information that interests the reader. Keeping your site fresh with updated content will also increase your chances of being discovered through a search engine. One of the biggest factors in ranking high on Google’s search results is updating your site with quality content. When in doubt, try blogging. 

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Don’t get left behind in the Flintstones era, as the New Year approaches start thinking about investing your marketing budget into a new website specially designed for the modern day consumer. For more information on how to optimize your website or web presence contact the Fahrenheit Marketing gurus, we know the trends and have years of experience with digital marketing, web design, and web development.