3 Tips for Making a Lawyer’s Website Convert

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

We have a number of clients who are lawyers, so we know what website factors work best in converting their clicks into solid clients. Here are our top three tips for increasing conversions on a lawyer’s website:

  • Tell a personal story: It’s important for a lawyer’s audience see they are a real person who has really helped people. On the bio page, instead of writing, “We won a dog bite client $500,000,” write the story of a single mother of two who was bitten by a neighbor’s pit bull, had to have two facial surgeries and couldn’t work for months, but you got her and her family the compensation she deserved. Real stories resonate with potential clients and let them see you can help them through their situation as well.
  • Use videos: Those who are going to a lawyer’s website have been through a tragedy of some sort. They are most likely wary, and not ready to trust just anyone with their case. Through high-quality, well-produced videos, you can introduce yourself to your potential clients and allow them to see that you are well-spoken and an expert at what you do. This helps your clients feel more comfortable calling you since they feel they already met you.
  • Strong calls to action: We wrote previously about how it doesn’t matter if you have an exquisite website, strong content and amazing SEO, if you don’t have a good call to action your clicks aren’t going to convert. Make sure you have a call to action above the fold, easy to see and connects with users. We have found that click to chats and offering free case evaluations have worked well in converting potential clients.

Check out our legal clients’ websites on our portfolio page to see how we used personal stories, videos and calls to action to increase their conversions. If you want more conversions, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today to set-up a consultation.