5 Common Design Mistakes of Businesses

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Most small businesses will attempt to design a website themselves, thinking they have the right idea about what goes where, what’s most important and how to format it. In reality, there are many errors in design that companies consistently make, and though they may seem small, these mess-ups can cause your customers so much frustration that they never return to your site- even if you redesign or fix the problems.

Going a Little Overboard

Companies get excited when putting out their first site- and they want everything on the home page. Words, pictures, flash, all of it creates ground for the user to say, “What? What is all this?,” and immediately give up. A sleek, to-the-point design is always more effective than design overload. Too much flair or flash can make a user forget what your business is even about.

Overwhelming the Page

Sometimes, companies want all of their information all on one page and to give you 100 reasons you should choose their company. However, overwhelming your page with text will only annoy the user- three, simple, clear points about your company and what it does is much more effective. When it comes to what you offer, focus on three clear benefits instead of going on and on about the company.

No Responsive Design

More and more users are mobile today (check out our blog on responsive design here) and that means they’ll very likely been looking at your site from their phone. If you don’t have responsive design, your site may look weird or be completely impossible to use from a mobile device. Being able to allow users to use your site from anywhere is very important, and a product of good responsive design will do much better than a site that can’t fit on a mobile screen.

They Can’t Contact You

It seems obvious, but many businesses forget to include their contact info prominently on their site, or they hide it under a lot of other mess. Making all of your contact information- phone, email, forms to submit, address- is very important in making sure the customer trusts your company, otherwise they could feel it’s a scam or, at the very least, an inexperienced company.

Where’s Your Facebook Page?

Making sure your social media is prominently on display on your web page is very important for your marketing plan. If you have a Facebook and Twitter page, but they’re not advertised on your site, how is anyone going to find you? If customers like your business, chances are they want to connect with you on these social sites.

When deciding how to design your company’s site, it’s never a bad idea to consult a professional. At Fahrenheit Marketing, we offer fully responsive, creative and intelligent web design that will make your business look fresh and professional. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’d love to make your business’s web presence be seen.

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