5 Social Media Myths

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

Social media has become a central part of marketing strategies for all businesses, but with new strategies comes more confusion. Many popular beliefs about social media just aren’t true, and we’re here to find the myths and shed light on the facts. When your business decides to dive into social media, make sure you’re not following these outdated misconceptions.

  1. Myth: If a post didn’t go viral, it was worthless.

Fact: This is a very common way of thinking for those interested in social media. When we think of the biggest social media success stories, we think of huge campaigns that went viral with YouTube videos or controversial tweets. We don’t feel that something that only get a few retweets or one reply is worth posting because it wasn’t seen worldwide. This simply isn’t true. Social media marketing isn’t about just one, big hit. Adding value and building a brand over time is the focus, and brands that do this well have real, interactive and interested audiences.

  1. Myth: Twitter won’t work unless you’re famous.

Fact: Twitter matters for every business, whether you’re Justin Timberlake or the local grocery store. Having millions of followers may be nice, but building up a following of your target market and relevant businesses is more important. You also have to be relevant timely with your tweets: Post when you know your market is online about events and happenings that you know they care about. Respond to your followers, don’t overflow their timelines, and you can see just as much success as Miley Cyrus.

  1. Myth: My target market is older, so social media won’t help.

Fact: The numbers don’t add up with this belief, even though it’s a very common misconception. More than half of Internet users 50 or older are on Facebook. Your target market is out there, you’ve just got to find them. Even if your target market isn’t into social media, harnessing its power for SEO purposes and helping your company pop up on Google searches is still an important aspect of social media marketing.

  1. Myth: The more you post, the more ‘likes’ you’ll get.

Fact: While posting regularly is an important strategy on Facebook, posting too often can actually harm your popularity. Posting more than once a day is probably too much. Figuring out when your target market is online and what they want to see on their timeline is the formula for posting success. A successful Facebook campaign has unique, funny and engaging posts that don’t feel intrusive or obnoxious to users.

  1. Myth: Blogging is a waste of time.

Fact: Blogging gives your company a voice and can make you an expert in the field. As long as you have something to say and you say it frequently, uniquely, and expertly, blogging is always a good tool for your site. Not to mention, blogging is very easy when you know the platform and your industry. Blogging gives you the opportunity to answer common questions about your business and gives you room to post interesting content to share along your social media — a win-win situation.

Next time you consider a social media campaign, turn to Fahrenheit Marketing. We offer full-service social media marketing and specialize in fine-tuning your media to fit your target market. Don’t allow myths to deter your company from social media — it’s an important part of any marketing strategy. Contact us today for a free consultation.