Advertising to Moms on Facebook

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According to eMarketer, there are approximately 23 million US moms who have children under the age of 18, and are active Facebook users–approximately two-thirds of all moms in the US! While this market appears to be an appetizing target for many advertisers and marketers, research shows that moms can be a tricky group to reach. Furthermore, new data suggests that moms are uncomfortable with the idea of being one of the most targeted audiences for marketers.

These moms are growing tired of being bombarded with direct marketing on Facebook. In a recent survey, 93 percent of mothers said that they look for digital offers, however more than 25 percent agreed with the sentence, “Enough already. I feel like I’m being sold something every time I get on the Internet”. This “mom” audience has to be handled with great care in order to not anger, or alienate them. Within the last year, 64 percent of these moms have purchased through direct marketing, and 25 percent do so on a monthly basis. More than 50 percent of these mothers were more intrigued with these online offers after having children. The reason? 92 percent of these mothers said that having a family can be quite costly.

Trying to reach moms on Facebook? Here’s the secret!

Mothers are BUSY, so they don’t like to waste their time. They are on the lookout for deals and want to talk to friends, not brands. 72% of moms like a brand on Facebook, while 83% opt in to email lists. When approached correctly, moms can be a fairly receptive group on Facebook. Here are a few things an average mother would like for her run-in with your brand:

• Find the perfect product that solves a problem, one that makes their life easier.
• A great deal or special price is a crucial component of a direct offer.
• Many mothers are under the impression that if they like a brand they will get better offers. If you don’t satisfy this, they will pull out.
• It is extremely important for them to be able to purchase immediately

Mothers do accept that the loss of privacy is an inevitable part of their relationships with online marketers, but almost 35 percent appreciate deals that are specifically tailored to their purchasing habits.

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