AIR Austin 2012

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

On Saturday February 11, 2012, a team from Fahrenheit Marketing spent the day with seven other teams at AIR-Austin. AIR is an Accessibility Internet Rally web design competition that increases understanding of the tools and techniques that help make the Internet accessible to every person, including those who are disabled.

AIR assists local nonprofits and schools by giving them free, professionally designed accessible websites. The Fahrenheit team learned accessible design techniques, such as how to design a site that would allow a screen reader to help a person with disabilities navigate the page and know what multimedia was displayed.

The website Fahrenheit Marketing developed was for Phronesis Media. This nonprofit’s goal is to organize information from credible sources to reflect wisdom on the critical social issues of the day. We met with this group before the competition to discuss the goal of the website and our design ideas.

During the event, we were able to network with area artists, and other web developers while spending 8-hours adding content and building the site. Our website will be judged based on accessibility, creativity, usability, aesthetics and extensibility of the concept to a larger website.

On March 11 2012, we will be attending the Dewey Ceremony & AIR-Interactive awards banquet where the winners will be announced. No matter the results, we feel we have already won knowledge that will benefit us in our upcoming website developments, and we’ve been able to help Phronesis Media in spreading their message.