Branding So Good You Forgot It was a Brand

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What is a brand?

Your brand is your company’s reason for existing and how that reason is expressed through your advertising, website, social media, etc., to your customers, shareholders and employees. Even though you create your company’s brand, a brand is really a combination of the associations and value that your customers place on your business.

So how does a brand go from a company selling point to something so popular that it’s found in the dictionary? These brands below are not just a brand name, but have become the only words you can think of to describe the product:

  • Band-Aid -Johnson & Johnson
  • ChapStick – Wyeth
  • Dumpster – Dempster Brothers
  • Frisbee – Wham-O
  • Google – Google
  • Hi-Liter – Avery Dennison
  • iPod – Apple
  • Jell-O – Kraft Foods
  • Kitty Litter – Edward Lowe Industries
  • Kleenex – Kimberly Clark
  • Laundromat – Westinghouse Electric
  • Ping Pong – Parker Brothers
  • Post-It – 3M
  • Q-Tip – Unilever
  • Spandex – DuPont
  • Thermos – Thermos LLC
  • Velcro – Velcro Industries
  • Viagra – Pfizer
  • Wite-Out – BIC
  • Xerox – Xerox

Is it good for a brand like Ping Pong to wind up in the dictionary? It usually means that it is the first product on your mind when you are at the store or searching online. But then there are the legal issues that go with it and the fight to keep your brand under your company. What do you think? Would you rather be on a list like the one above or not?

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