Build Your Brand With Twitter

Fahrenheit Marketing in Marketing


Twitter is a flourishing social networking site because it is an easy and inexpensive way to strengthen your organization’s online brand. The beauty of social networking sites like Twitter is that it opens organizations up to their audiences by facilitating two-way communication. Two-way communication is a fast way to build trust and credibility for your brand. Here are two easy ways to make sure that your company is getting the most out of Twitter.

Be Relevant: Always strive to see yourself as a curator when sharing information. Use a discerning eye to determine whether or not a link is relevant to both you and your audience. Sometimes, it can be hard to reconcile the interests of your organization and your audience, but your followers will recognize that you are posting valuable and interesting content which can strengthen brand awareness.

Be Present: Interact with your followers- communication is what Twitter is all about. Put yourself out there and then reap the benefits. Actively responding to your followers and reaching out to those you follow will humanize your brand and boost engagement. Engaging with your followers can also lead to new followers.

As you can see, the fundamentals of building your brand with Twitter aren’t difficult. It’s all about engaging your followers in a meaningful way. Keeping these two ideas in mind, it’s hard to go wrong

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