Copy Writer’s Worst Nightmare: School of Pubic Affairs

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UT-Austin had one of its most embarrassing moments this weekend. The school’s commencement booklets welcomed guests with the school’s motto “Unlimited Possibilities” and at the bottom of the program, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Pubic Affairs.

To make matters worse, the University released an apology on Monday on Twitter and wrote: “Our deepest apologies to our 2012 graduates for the eggregious typo in our program. We are working to distribute corrected programs.” [email protected]

After realizing they spelled egregious wrong, they deleted the tweet.

The program passed through “lots of layers of approval” with no one catching onto the error. Once the mistake was realized at the ceremonies it was too late. An apology letter was written to the graduates, and they will receive new programs with the correct spelling.

“Obviously, we are mortified. It’s beyond embarrassing,” said Susan Binford, assistant dean for communication at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs.

The dean states that her biggest fear is the typo being mentioned on “The Daily Show.”