Online Marketing News Round-Up

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In this week’s online marketing news round-up, we are highlighting the top ten online marketing stories the Fahrenheit Marketing team has been chatting about around the office.

4 SEO Tasks Small Businesses Must Do Every Month

Many small businesses have so much going on, it’s hard for them to figure out how to do SEO in the midst of it all. This article shares some tasks business owners can focus on to strengthen their content-creation strategies.

Creating Awesome Content for Your Brand

Learn a few simple steps for developing content for your brand such as capturing the audience’s interest, understanding the audience, conveying your point and explaining what comes next.

How Color Theory Affects Landing Page Conversion

Instead of using your brand’s colors for the landing page, use color theory to draw in your target audience to your site. Discover what feelings certain colors convey to a visitor and how you can use color associations to convert customers.

The Dreaded Plaque Talk Sparks Facebook Engagement

We enjoyed how Crest turned what could be boring topics like plaque and toothpaste into clever, relatable Facebook posts that connected with fans.

Is Your Content ROI Really Untrackable?

Everyone is talking about how content marketing is the best online marketing strategy, but learn how you can use analytical programs to see if you are really making a return on investment through your content strategies.

26 Open Source Tools & Scripts for Web Developers

Our Web developers love open source code and software because they help them share and learn new methods from other developers. This article highlights a variety of open source projects for all levels of Web developers.

Social Media and Customer Service: Keep Your Loyal Customers Coming Back for More

This clever infographic shows how social networks are now being used as a new form of customer service and how your company can use that to its advantage.

The Incredibly Useful Value of Links Beyond SEO by Dixon Jones

Dixon Jones was recently recognized for his content contributions in Top Rank’s Top UK Online Marketing Influencers and Bloggers list. In this article, he shares five practical reasons for marketers to analyze links beyond search.

96 Quick SEO Wins – What Can You Do With an Hour?

As SEO starts to grow up, new long-term strategies must begin, but there are still many quick ways we can make the most of our time and SEO strategies.

7 Essential Elements to Small Business Growth

If you are a small business, it’s important not only to have a business plan, but one that is growth oriented. These tips will help direct your growth planning sessions.

Our team is always keeping track of what’s new in the online marketing industry, so we can better serve our clients. To learn more about how our services can turn your clicks into clients, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today and set-up a consultation.

The Art of Sharing

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We’ve all learned that social media is a great way to spread the content we’ve worked so hard to create. Social media shares are like free advertising, but even better because people find endorsements from their friends to be much more credible than advertising. So how do we decide which social media buttons to include?

Don’t Have Too Many Buttons

For some website managers, the solution is to include every social media button that exists, but doing this could cause you to end up with fewer social media shares. Here’s why:

Too many social media buttons can slow down your website, which will hurt your Google rankings and increase your website’s bounce rate.
More options mean that your visitors will have a harder time choosing which network to use.
According to Quick Sprout, people are more likely to click one of your social sharing buttons when you give them three or four options instead of five or more. And they recommend only using four buttons if you have more than 50,000 monthly visitors.

Which Buttons Should You Use?

Now that you know how many buttons to use, it’s time to decide which ones are right for your website. This process isn’t one-size-fits-all, though. The right choice for one website won’t necessarily be the right one for another site.

To help you decide which buttons to use, look into your analytics tools to see which social media sites refer the most traffic to your website. While you’re at it, think critically about the demographic of your ideal visitors. Are they businessmen in their 50s? Maybe offering a LinkedIn share button could help spread your message. Are they 35-year-old housewives who love to craft? Try having a “Pin It” button so they can share your post on Pinterest.

If you’re looking for a Internet marketing agency to help move your website and business forward, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today.

3 Tips for Making a Lawyer’s Website Convert

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We have a number of clients who are lawyers, so we know what website factors work best in converting their clicks into solid clients. Here are our top three tips for increasing conversions on a lawyer’s website:

  • Tell a personal story: It’s important for a lawyer’s audience see they are a real person who has really helped people. On the bio page, instead of writing, “We won a dog bite client $500,000,” write the story of a single mother of two who was bitten by a neighbor’s pit bull, had to have two facial surgeries and couldn’t work for months, but you got her and her family the compensation she deserved. Real stories resonate with potential clients and let them see you can help them through their situation as well.
  • Use videos: Those who are going to a lawyer’s website have been through a tragedy of some sort. They are most likely wary, and not ready to trust just anyone with their case. Through high-quality, well-produced videos, you can introduce yourself to your potential clients and allow them to see that you are well-spoken and an expert at what you do. This helps your clients feel more comfortable calling you since they feel they already met you.
  • Strong calls to action: We wrote previously about how it doesn’t matter if you have an exquisite website, strong content and amazing SEO, if you don’t have a good call to action your clicks aren’t going to convert. Make sure you have a call to action above the fold, easy to see and connects with users. We have found that click to chats and offering free case evaluations have worked well in converting potential clients.

Check out our legal clients’ websites on our portfolio page to see how we used personal stories, videos and calls to action to increase their conversions. If you want more conversions, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today to set-up a consultation.

Follow Friday: Web Designers

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In this week’s Follow Friday, we are sharing some of the Web designers and resources Fahrenheit’s talented Web designers follow. Here are our top five Web designers who educate and inspire us:

1. Vitaly Friedman (@smashingmag)

Vitaly Friedman is the editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, which is an online magazine for Web designers and developers. We love reading his tweets, which share helpful, hip Web design articles and tips.

2. Chris Spooner (@chrisspooner)

Chris Spooner says he is a creative designer, avid blogger and is crazy about pretty colors and shapes. His Twitter stream is so full of informative Web design talk that we wonder if he ever stops thinking about Web design.

3. Brian McDaniel (@bkmacdaddy)

bkmacdaddy designs focuses on creating custom WordPress websites, Facebook pages and Twitter backgrounds. We savor the wide range of articles he shares that keep us up on the Web design industry.

4. Christopher Murphey and Nicklass Persson (@standardistas)

These two are interactive design lecturers at the University of Ulster. Their Twitter profile says it all: “Two tweed-clad gentlemen based in Belfast, we write about design, Web standards and assorted miscellany in a daily periodical you might enjoy reading.” We always learn something new after reading their well-researched and written articles.

5. My Modern Metropolis (@mymodernmet)

We love to get inspiration from My Modern Metropolis. It’s a site full of amazing photography and art that fellow artists and designers share to spark creativity. If we ever get a creative block, we just peruse their Twitter stream and new ideas start to flood in.

If you need a beautifully-designed website that converts clicks into customers, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today to set-up a consultation.

How to Find Customers Through Social Media

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Everyone knows they should be on social media and using it to get customers, but how exactly do you do that? To help you use the ever-growing world of social media to your advantage, here are three tips on finding customers through social channels:

1. Search them out.

Instead of waiting for customers to find you, find them. Through services like TweetDeck and Hootsuite, you can set up a variety of Twitter searches to see if anyone is talking about your company, or to get a handle on what kind of products your customer base is interested in. For instance, if you are starting a Thai restaurant, set up a search in your geocode and use specific keywords such as “love Thai food” and tweet those who love Thai food about your new restaurant. Or you can see what kind of Thai dishes people say they love and try to incorporate it into the menu.

2. Have a contest.

As we mentioned in a previous post, giving away products or having contests that engage your customers also helps you build up your customer base. But remember the point of the contests isn’t just to get more fans or likes, but to get devoted fans. So keep your contests targeted to the specific audience you want as customers and offer prizes that relate to your company.

3. Make the most of each social channel.

If you put the same posts on all your social channels, no one needs to follow you on all of them. Each social platform has its unique attributes that you can capitalize on to help your company. Posting an image on Facebook gets more shares than posting one on Twitter. It’s easier to have a conversation on Twitter and answer specific customer questions than on Facebook. Foursquare is perfect for giving special offers to those who check-in to your business. Before you post or tweet, make sure you are sharing the message on the best social channel for it.

To learn how we can help you gain more customers through social media, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today to set-up a consultation.