The Value of Social Media

One of the biggest debates in Internet marketing for businesses is how to gauge social media’s return on investment. Will businesses get their money back? If not, what’s the point? Arguments we’ve heard against social media include: “I don’t Facebook.” … Continued

Web App Shout Out As someone who creates long to-do lists every day (inevitably bringing on a sigh of resignation come evening), could it be possible that this web app might actually give me the elusive “Just what I needed” with its sheer … Continued

Apple Unveils the iPhone 5

It’s that time again… the country is whipped into a frenzy, and the media is pounding at the gates. Speeches and press conferences are already in the works. Internet blogs are ready and waiting. Of course we’re talking about Apple’s … Continued

The Error 404 Funnies

We’ve all seen them. They pop up whenever we type in a web address incorrectly or have a broken link on a site. Hitting the Error 404 page can cause the confused and annoyed visitor to bounce immediately. But through … Continued

The Google Doodle Story

If you love Google search as much as we do, you may have noticed the recent flurry of Google doodles during the Olympics. Every day highlighted a different sport, from Archery on July 28th to Rhythm Gymnastics on August 10th. … Continued

Fahrenheit Profiles: Brian Yom

Up next in our Fahrenheit Profiles series: Brian Yom. Every delicious Fahrenheit Marketing website on our portfolio page was overseen by Brian Yom, Fahrenheit’s Creative Director. On top of making website designs that constantly wow our clients, Brian also has … Continued

Fahrenheit Road Trip

This past Monday, three members of the Fahrenheit team—Ricardo, Garrett and Julianne—took a trip over to Houston to meet with Dr. Louis Bosse of Greenspoint Dental and Dr. Lance Jue of A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe. For Garrett, our … Continued