Facebook Introduces Clickable Hashtags

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

Facebook announced the introduction of clickable hashtags on it’s news site this week, making it possible to see large feeds of the biggest topics people are posting about using hashtags (can we get a #finally?). Similar to Twitter or Instagram, Facebook hashtags are a way of making your post part of a bigger discussion. The new feature allows you to search for hashtags in the search bar, click on hashtags that originated in other services like Twitter and make posts from your hashtags feed or search results.

While hashtagging on Facebook was typically seen as unnecessary and a social media faux pas, now it can be a truly useful and insightful tool for businesses, much as it is on Twitter or Instagram. Facebook has established itself as a place of conversation, and now it’s even easier to tap into with the hashtag.

If your business hasn’t made use of hashtagging, now’s the time to do it. Hashtags allow users to basically organize their posts within a topic. For example, posting a picture of your restaurant and putting ‘#austin’ or ‘#food’’ allows people who have used those tags or are searching those tags to have your post pop up in the hashtag feed. Searching hashtags also allows you to see what your target audience is posting about. During major events, many hashtags will ‘trend’ world- or state-wide. Jumping in on these popular tags can put your name out there. Facebook mentioned in the release of hashtags that a similar Twitter ‘trending topics’ feature should come out soon as well.

So, if you’re not on the hashtag bandwagon yet, now’s a good time to do it. #Getready

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