Facebook Shapes the World of Social Media Metrics

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

Facebook has become the medium of choice for brands looking to connect with consumers but businesses always had a hard time getting detailed metrics regarding pages and campaigns. This is going to change in the upcoming days as Facebook is set to release a new set of tools designed to improve the measurement of consumer engagement.

A new dashboard, called “insights”, will be appearing in this new set of tools. This new option will measure the sharing, reach, and power of every individual post. Also included will be a new Applications Programming Interface, or API, that will allow third-party agencies to assemble their own set of tools using this new Facebook information. Additionally , a new ad application will be included that will allow companies to convert their page posts into actual advertisements.

The purpose behind creating these new measurement tools is to better conceptualize the full impact of certain posts. This will allow companies to reformulate their messages based on what has been successful in the past, and ultimately work towards going viral.

These new metric tools will completely transform the way social media efforts are measured. Slowly the world of Social Media ROI will become more clear cut as businesses engage with this medium.