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Next up in Fahrenheit’s employee profile series is Brian Gumz, one of our accomplished content developers. He was an intern at Fahrenheit and then after graduating from UT this spring, we loved his high-quality content writing so much he was hired on full-time. 

Fahrenheit: Where are you from?

Brian: Dallas, TX

Fahrenheit: Why did you choose to go to UT? 

Brian: I was accepted into a major called Plan II which allowed me to learn a little bit of everything and write all the time.

Fahrenheit: How did you get interested in writing?

Brian: I’ve been interested in writing since I was a kid. I also had an exceptional English teacher in high school who encouraged me to do more serious writing. 

Fahrenheit: Why do you enjoy content writing?

Brian: It’s a great way to learn about different topics and industries. Every time I write a blog post or content piece, I inevitably pick up something I didn’t know before. For instance, did you know that the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) you see on loans is a calculation established by Congress in the Truth in Lending Act of 1968? Neither did I… until last week.

Fahrenheit: What are your short-term and long-term goals for your writing career?

Brian: Well, I’m currently working on a novel which I hope to have completed in about a year and six months. After I finish that I want to start writing some short fiction set in Austin. However, that’s a long ways off and lots of things can change.

Fahrenheit: What do you do when you aren’t at FM?

Brian: I write almost every night during the work week. On the weekends I try to get out and enjoy the Austin nightlife, particularly the pub scene. I’m also a pretty big fan of Barton Springs and make it down there when I can.  

Fahrenheit: What is something about you that might surprise others?

Brian: Since I was in high school it’s been a goal of mine to see the caribou migration in Alaska. No joke.

Brian is just one of our many unique, skilled employees that uses his talents to bring our clients to the top. To learn more about how Fahrenheit Marketing can help your business, contact us today. 

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