Fahrenheit Profiles: Brian Yom

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

Up next in our Fahrenheit Profiles series: Brian Yom.

Every delicious Fahrenheit Marketing website on our portfolio page was overseen by Brian Yom, Fahrenheit’s Creative Director. On top of making website designs that constantly wow our clients, Brian also has a unique story of how he came to America and ended up at Fahrenheit marketing.

Brian was born in Athens, GA and lived there for six years before his Korean parents decided to move back to Korea. As he grew up, he loved to meander around art shops, and enter his drawings into children’s art competitions. Then in high school he drew cartoons for fun.

But when it came time to decide his college major, Brian initially wasn’t interested in art, but instead wanted to be a scientist like his father.

Brian thought of going into engineering, but eventually realized that he had a heart for creating things, not being a scientist. He chose to study multi-media design because at first he wanted to make movies. After learning more about website design, however, he couldn’t resist its creative potential.

“I love to create things from scratch. It’s also neat how all of my work is one small part of online marketing,” Brian said.

Once he graduated college, Brian joined the Korean military for two years. After he left the service five years ago, he headed back to America to continue his life in the states.

Brian has since worked for some large companies as a web designer, but where his passion lies is working at smaller companies like Fahrenheit Marketing. At the bigger companies he was forced to specialize in one area but at Fahrenheit he is involved in many aspects of design and marketing.

But Brian’s work doesn’t stop at 6 p.m. when he leaves Fahrenheit. He’s also studying his MBA at UT so he can apply business theory to his web designs and improve his English.

It isn’t easy though. Sometimes when people don’t understand his English or reading his textbooks gets too hard, he just wants to move back to Korea. But he said he knows God has given him the strength to keep going and endure the challenge.

In the midst of work and studying, Brian is also preparing for his wedding day on August 25th in Korea to his Korean fiancé, who he met three years ago at their Austin church. Check out their wedding invitation he designed here.

He said he looks forward to, “being good role models of a husband and wife and spreading God’s love as a couple wherever we go more than we could have apart.”

If you are ever in the office, stop by Brian’s desk to peek at his creative mind at work. He is always ready to give you a warm smile, even in the midst of his stressful schedule. Check out his work on our portfolio page and check back next month for the next entry in our Fahrenheit Profile series.