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If you’re familiar with Fahrenheit Marketing, you’ll know that every member of our team is devoted to pursuing online marketing excellence. But did you know that we do some pretty cool things outside the office as well?

This week’s blog post is the first post of a new Fahrenheit Profiles series we’ll be running that highlights the other side of Fahrenheit team members. At work we might be web developers, content writers, SEO gurus or graphic design wizards. But in our free time we’re musicians, Thai food aficionados, graduate students and Scrabble enthusiasts.

To kick off the series this week we’ll be taking a look at our own Patrick Coffey, programmer by day, rock star by night. During work hours, Patrick can usually be found at his desk hammering out code. If he’s not at his desk, however, Patrick’s probably somewhere around the office chatting about the twelve cups of coffee he used to drink daily, the proper method of skinning a squirrel or the 10 mile jog he plans to do after work while carrying a backpack.

Is he training for the military you ask?

No, that’s just the kind of stuff Patrick does. Another thing that Patrick does (but doesn’t talk about as much) is music. And we’re not just talking about plucking a guitar in his room. Patrick performs in front of live audiences and does studio work almost every week. His songs are on iTunes and he’s even got a website with some of his recordings.

Patrick began playing piano when he was five. He’s been writing his own music since he was twelve and picked up the guitar at age fourteen. That same year he began playing for his church. Two years after that, at age sixteen, Patrick began producing songs for Austin-area rapper Sanctify’d (Michael Ruiz).

Patrick met Ruiz in an unlikely place: the Department of Motor Vehicles. While waiting for their numbers to be called, Patrick and Ruiz talked about music, discovered a shared religious faith and agreed to work together on a few songs. Their single “Jesus On My Mind” is available online and features Patrick’s beats in the background with Ruiz’s lyrics laid on top.

Around the same time Patrick also started writing and recording his own songs. On his album “Come Back”, he both plays the piano and sings vocals. You can hear snippets from the album at patrickcoffeymusic.com.

Around the time that he released the album, he began touring around small churches in the Austin area, playing for both large and small crowds at worship events and concerts. Today, Patrick’s taking a bit of a break from music production but still plays music at his church nearly every Sunday. Since “Come Back” he’s picked up the bass guitar and is currently learning the drums.  Once he gets a bit more time on his hands, he plans to start writing a new album.

If you like Patrick’s work, check out Patrick Coffey on iTunes. And if you’re ever in the office and want to talk music (or running 10 miles with a backpack) feel free to interrupt him from his coding. He’s one of the friendliest and nicest people you’ll ever meet and he’d love to talk to you.

Make sure to check our blog next month when we highlight our content writer Sherri and her fantastic Thai foodie blog.

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