Fahrenheit’s Online Marketing News Roundup

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The 10 articles in this week’s online marketing news roundup remind us where online marketing is headed in 2013 and what we left behind in 2012. Here’s what we’ve been chatting about in the office this week:

1. How to be a Spammer in 20 Simple Steps

This article highlights the many ways that people spam and annoy others through social media, blogging, email marketing and SEO. It made us laugh as it brought to mind all the familiar ways we see spam used everyday.

2. Why You Need a Seriously Fast Website

Copyblogger shared how site speed impacts how long users stay on your site and even your page ranking. You can learn what slows down sites and discover tools to speed up your site.

3. Four Steps to Exciting Content Marketing in a Boring Industry

Some may think since their industry is typically considered boring, it’s impossible to write content for it. But this case study shows how a business insurance company used content marketing to transform its content from dull and confusing to engaging and helpful.

4. Infinite Scrolling: Pros and Cons

Infinite scrolling is growing in popularity. But in the years to come will it become a worst practice or one of the best?

5. Five New Content Types to Try in 2013

Do you need to try a new content tool? Social Media Today highlights why using infographics, videos, problem-solving, analysis and Prezi are great content types to try out this year.

6. Five Inbound Lead Generation Lessons in Building Trust with Your Website

You need more than an amazing free trial to gain conversions. This article shares how you must build trust with visitors through client testimonials, successful case studies and white papers that show your expert knowledge.

7. Creative Forecast: How Marketing Will Change in 2013

In part one of a two-part series, creative professionals discuss how mobile technology and social changes will affect marketing and how online marketing agencies need to focus on creativity in 2013.

8. Six SEO Content Tips You May Have Missed

If you have good content, but aren’t at the top of search engines, you might need to work on SEO. This article discusses SEO tips like using full names when discussing famous people and relational linking to help bring you to the top.

9. Evolving Your SEO: Moving Toward a Content Marketing Approach

SEO has changed so much since it first began, and this article helps you understand how to transition toward a more integrated content marketing strategy.

10. Five Fun Ways to Travel Back in Time With Your Social Data

It’s fun to think about the past and how things have changed. This article shares how you can relive your past using the social data provided by Timeshop, Everyday.me, Foursquare, Memolane and Vizify.

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