Foursquare Releases Revamped App

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When Foursquare began two years ago the mobile app that shows where users are hanging out and who they are with quickly moved to the top of the social media scene and even Facebook and Yahoo wanted to buy it, according to a recent NY Times article.

But now things have slowed down. The NY Times article stated that the number of active Foursquare users grew 750 percent in the year that ended in April 2011, but this year they only grew 135 percent. Foursquare decided it had to make some changes.

Today Foursquare released a completely revitalized mobile app for iOS and Android. It features a photo-centric news feed, a newly designed Check-In button, vibrant profile pages, but the biggest enhancement is the Explore tab that pulls data from every Foursquare user in real-time to create relevant recommendations.

Dennis Crowley, the chief executive and one of Foursquare’s founders, stated that since 2009, the company has collected more than two billion pieces of data about where its 20 million users enjoy visiting and when they go places. They used this data to update their Explore option.

If you tap the Explore tab at lunch, it will show you what sandwich spots you might like based on your previous check-ins, or what bars are popular if it’s late at night. Explore analyzes data based on your check-in history, deals in the area and where your Foursquare friends have been.

The app modifies its results depending on the users and their location. For those visiting a new city it will show the most popular tourist spots. If you are a local in that same city, it would show you hidden gems you might not have explored yet.

It also features a new “Like” (hearts) option. Since checking in somewhere doesn’t mean you like a place, you can show your love through giving the location a heart, or not.

The new Foursquare app is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store.