How Colors Affect Different Industries

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

As important as the layout of your company’s website is, the colors of your logo and your site are just as important. Certain colors can evoke particular emotions in customers and cause an immediate effect on consumers’ minds. The most prominent and recognizable brands in the world can be noticed simply by their color, and studies have shown that 60-80 percent of a customer’s purchasing decision can be influenced by a product’s color — and, if you’re selling online, this includes your logo and website. By understanding the color wheel and the psychology behind it, you and your marketing company can figure out what colors are right for your business.

A warm color like red evokes an immediate reaction from people — it makes their heart rate elevate, makes breathing rapid and activates the pituitary gland. For the food, technology, cars and agriculture industries, this color is popular and effective. It gets people excited, hungry and elated about products. For industries like finance and airlines, this color hasn’t been so popular as it tends to make people nervous and unsure — something we never want to feel about our safety in the air or our money.

Cool colors like purple and blue put people at ease and remind them of royalty and wealth. Blue is arguably the most popular brand color for its relaxing qualities. These colors are both wildly useful in the technology, healthcare and finance industries because they make people calm — a feeling we all need when faced with new tech advances, health emergencies and when dealing with our money.

Fiery colors like yellow and orange communicate hope, optimism, cheerfulness and energy — these colors get people excited. For industries like home and healthcare, success has been seen with these colors because people have hope in health situations and cheerfulness in their homes when recognizing these shades. Both colors are wildly unpopular in clothing industries.

Earth tones like green and brown are associated with earthiness, serenity, good health and durability. However, both are successful in different industries, and green can create different emotions based on the shade. Green tends to be popular in the home and technology industries, while brown is pretty unpopular with both. Brown has success with clothing and environmental causes.

Black and white are both popular with clothing — black boasts class and sophistication while white represents purity and cleanliness. Black is also successful in technology and cars, while white sees more success in healthcare.

Depending on your industry, the colors your website and brand should use will vary. It’s important to be aware of color psychology — it can make the difference between success and failure.

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