How Do I Find My Unique Selling Proposition?

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

If you want your business to rank higher in search engines, get more conversions and more revenue, you have to live out your unique selling proposition or USP. Your USP tells consumers what you have to offer that no one else can offer. It’s why your business must exist.

A recent Entrepreneur article shared that the key to successful marketing is a good USP, and gave some questions you can ask to determine it:

  • Why should consumers read or listen to you?
  • Why should they believe what you have to say?
  • Why should they do anything about what you are offering?
  • Why should they act now?

Once you answer those questions, you will then have a clear mission. This will help you in determining who your target audience is so you can market your ads to them.

Discovering Your USP Will Set You Free

It is freeing once you discover your USP because then you don’t have to worry about being an expert at what you aren’t good at, and instead just steer all your efforts on what you are amazing at. Instead of shouting at consumers, “Hey! We have cool stuff like them too!” you can say, “We are the only ones who offer this! You have to come to us!”

An idea for becoming a niche expert is to combine two things you love that have never been combined before. Bacon and chocolate was might thought of as weird at first, but now it’s becoming a dessert craze. If you are good at plumbing and Web design, create Web designs for plumbers. If you know everything about coffee and graphic design, create prints and designs for coffee shops.

Instead of trying to compete with every other business, start something that other businesses will have to compete against. To learn more about how Fahrenheit Marketing can help you determine your USP and convert clicks into clients, contact us today and set-up a consultation.