How to Continue Your 2015 ACL Marketing Campaign

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ACL marketing campaign

The possibilities are endless for finding ways to show off your company through involvement in the community. But the weekends come and go quicker than anyone expects and your awesome ACL marketing campaign is over before you know it.

How do you continue your 2015 ACL campaign after the event is over?

ACL Marketing Campaign

Answer: Enhance your web presence! There are multiple touch points you make with attendees at the festival, why not drive them to your website for more information? It could be through an ACL specific landing page or through a promotion on social media. Regardless, the most important part of a marketing campaign is figuring out ways to retain potential customers and converting them to loyal customers.


Retarget Your Campaign

Take advantage of your time and presence at ACL. Plan to gather email addresses and information from participants. The data collected from your ACL marketing campaign can be used to formulate an email campaign in order to further engage your audience and convert those interested into long-term customers. Pay attention to who is visiting, and re-visiting your tent – those people are your new audience. Having a concentrated idea of who you are targeting allows for better email campaigns that appeal to the right kind of people.


Redesign Your Website

Be sure to provide plenty of tips and tools for potential customers to easily reach your website at your 2015 ACL promotional event — include your website URL on every item you give away or reference. Once people begin to engage with your website, it’s important to make sure your design is responsive for all mediums including all web browsers, phones, tablets, iOS and Android platforms. Ask your web developers and web designers to include an ACL marketing campaign landing page and a 2015 ACL banner slider image on your website’s homepage for people to reference to after the festivals. That way, everyone you interact with at ACL will have plenty of time to find your information and relate to your initial touch point at the festival. This will help to reinforce the brand relationship.


Revisit Your Social Media

Before, during and after ACL, keep a social media campaign to compliment your 2015 ACL marketing efforts.This is the best place to promote your ACL marketing campaign landing page. Asking attendees to follow your pages is one of the most effective marketing efforts to reach a large amount of people for an extended amount of time. Just one click and you will be on their news feed. Include key phrases in your posts such as “ACL 2015” as well as specific words for your company like “phone charging booths”” for cell phone companies or “low cost transportation”” for sponsors like Uber who will be present both weekends.

Finding a successful ACL marketing campaign for 2015 can be stressful if you don’t have the right materials to back it up. Make sure to plan ahead so your marketing efforts can be extended after the shows are over. Fahrenheit Marketing has the web design & development skills you need to stay relevant before, during, and after ACL. If you need help with your online presence, Fahrenheit Marketing in Austin, Texas can create a website for you with an interactive design and development effort. When attendees visit your website, they will feel right at home and ready to continue their relationship with your company.