How to Design Your Email Marketing For Conversions

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Email marketing is a smart way to advertise since it’s so cost-effective and personal. But if you have a brilliant email marketing campaign and aren’t seeing the conversions you want, try checking out your email design, which plays a huge part in conversions. To help you out, here are five tips on how to design your email marketing for conversions:

  • Color: To get an emotional response from your email viewers, try using different color schemes. Orange helps generate positive feelings, so it’s a great color to use for your calls to action. To help your calls to action stand out, apply a single color to the whole page, and then make your call to action a contrasting color, which makes it pop off the page.
  • Room to breathe: Many emails are so jam-packed with information, it’s hard for the reader to figure out what’s most important. Put enough blank space around your call to action that readers can easily identify what you want them to do.
  • Guide attention: When writing your emails, use arrows to guide the readers’ eyes to the most important information. Try out arrows of unique shapes to catch the eye even more and help direct attention, or use a path of arrows that guide your readers to the call to action.
  • Surprise: Readers are so used to knowing exactly where ads or calls to action are placed on a page that they avoid looking at them without thinking. Try to catch your reader off-guard by placing an ad in an unusual place or making your call to action a unique shape or color scheme that can’t be missed.
  • Made you look: Whenever we see someone fixated on something, it makes us want to look, too. You can be creative with your emails through adding images of animals or people looking at your call to action, and, through the power of curiosity, your viewer will look too.

At Fahrenheit Marketing, we design all of our clients’ emails, websites and mobile apps with the goal of converting clicks into customers. To learn more about our online marketing services, contact us today and set up your consultation.

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