How to Write Content Google Will Love

Fahrenheit Marketing in Marketing

At Fahrenheit Marketing we don’t just write any content, but we write content that Google and our clients’ customers love. Here are some tips we’ve learned on how to write content that search engines and humans will both enjoy:

  • Don’t just tell readers what to do, tell them how to do it: As copywriter Bob Bly shares, most readers and Google like solid writing that tell you not just facts or what to do, but how to do something. For example, instead of a travel company telling readers they should get a passport, it’s better to write an article on the steps of how to get one. In every paragraph, you should ask yourself if you are telling the reader how to do something, or just telling them what to do.
  • Include natural, relevant keywords: Search engines like keywords because it makes your site easier to track, but readers don’t like to see random keywords that take away from your post’s meaning. And now even search engines that see pages with random lists of keywords consider them over-optimized and can penalize them. Use keywords whenever it comes naturally to please your readers and the search engines.
  • Avoid duplicate content: If you are using content on your site that is copied from other places on the Web, your site will most likely be penalized. Also, if you are using someone else’s content, this is considered plagiarism. Your readers want to know how your company is unique, so use original, creative content that shows off your company.
  • Use eye-catching headlines: Not only does a powerful headline draw in the attention of your reader, but if it uses a relevant keyword it also attracts search engines. If you need some tips, we recently wrote about how to write attention-grabbing headlines that pull in readers and keep them reading.

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