China Lifts Facebook Ban in Free-Trade Zone

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According to CNN, China has recently created a 17-square-mile “Free-Trade Zone,” where individuals will be able to access formerly blocked websites like Facebook and Twitter. The area is titled Shanghai Free-Trade Zone and will be launched this Sunday.

Prior to this lifted ban, China was known worldwide for blocking citizens and visitors from visiting foreign “politically-sensitive” websites due to a government censorship system known as the Great Firewall of China.facebook-image-fahrenheit-marketing

Purpose of the Zone

The new free zone is intended to test out financial and service sector reforms. If Beijing has reported success with the Free-Trade Zone, new policies may be implemented in a few other parts of China.

What does this mean for social media websites? This launch means that a new market has emerged as a way to continue growing the companies and continuing to expanding communication and connection globally. China makes up the largest market of Internet users, opening many doors for websites that will be opened in the zone that were formerly blocked.

Why Websites Were Blocked

Different websites are blocked for various reasons. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter were blocked in 2009, when deadly deadly revolts in a western province in Xinjiang were allegedly encouraged through social media. Additionally, the New York Times was blocked last year for reporting the fortune inheritance of Wen Jiabao’s family.

Blackberry to be Sold For $4.7 Billion

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Blackberry-Sold-Fahrenheit-marketingThe competition in the smartphone industry just got a little bit easier. Blackberry has begun the process of being acquired by Canadian company Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited for $4.7 billion. The troubled smartphone company has not quite been able to keep up with the extremely competitive smartphone industry and has suffered financially because of it.

Last week Blackberry announced that they were going to lay off 4,500 employees, essentially 40 percent of its workforce, in the face of continued financial burdens. The company also lost about $1 billion in the second quarter.

Fairfax Financial Holding Limited already owns about 10 percent of Blackberry’s shares, but soon the rest of the mobile phone company’s shareholders will be reimbursed for $9 per share as the deal moves forward. Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited plans on taking Blackberry private.

Blackberry has been slipping competition for a while, failing to meet the ever-higher expectation of consumers who are faced with options like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy. According to reports, it only has a 3 percent market share of the global smartphone market. Experts believe that succumbing to a deal with Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited is simply a survival skill that the dwindling company has resorted to.

Experts also say that though at first it seems like a strange idea on behalf of Fairfax, Blackberry has a lot of value in terms of software and hardware patents, no debt, and $2.7 billion in cash.

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A Closer Look: Apple’s New A7 Processor

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Apple-A7-Processor-Fahrenheit-MarketingWith the release of a new rounds of iPhones, Apple will release its next processor after the A6: the A7 processor. This new processor is supposed to be twice as fast as the old A6, and is the world’s first 64-bit cell phone processor.

However, some experts say that there really isn’t a direct need for a 64-bit processor in a phone without no more than 4GB of RAM. The iPhone 5 has 1GB of RAM, so the 5S model isn’t really predicted to have much more. The basic truth is that smartphones and tablets just do not need more than 2 or 3 GM RAM currently because of the simplicity of their tasks.

Another issue is with the general 64-bit architecture, which can increase performance. However, performance can only be boosted if the apps are coded specifically for a 64-bit processor. Also, if an app is written 64-bit, it cannot work for 32-bit processors. The issue is that every other iOS product is 32-bit, except of course the iPhone 5S.

Companies like LG and Sony contract other companies to make their processors, but Apple designs their own. While the processor is new, some experts say that it is not entirely revolutionary. Instead, the A7 is just a logical step forward for Apple.


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Geo-targeted Ads to Appear On Twitter

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Twitter-Geotargeting-Fahrenheit-MarketingTwitter is just another mobile app to dip into the world of geo-targeted advertisements. Geo-targeted advertising is just what it sounds like: mobile apps can target the location of users through their phones and send them relevant advertisements based on their location at the time. These advertisements are considered valuable and effective because of their relevancy and their ability to stay relevant even when users are moving around from place to place. This strategy has already been used by numerous mobile apps, more recently including the department store Saks Fifth Avenue.


Twitter may dip into geo-targeting as soon as by the end of the year. Twitter already advertises on its mobile app, with brand buying their way directly into users’ news feeds. Now, when a user opens up their Twitter app, they can receive advertisements from brands that will be based on their current location. For example, if a user is near a Baskin-Robbins, an ad may appear on their Twitter feed telling them about a deal going on at their local franchise. This type of marketing strategy is another way to increase traffic into stores.


While Facebook can target users based on details like zip codes, Twitter will only target users in general metro areas. The mobile ad market is growing by leaps and bounds, and geo-targeting is just the newest trend that is coming up on advertisers’ radars.

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Rumor Mill: Apple Edition

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Rumor-Mill-Apple-Iphone-5C-5S-Fahrenheit-MarketingAs the hour draws near for the new iPhone reveal, the rumors are swirling about the newest version of the iPhone – The iPhone 5C. It is the alleged “low-cost” iPhone that will pull Apple back up in terms of smartphone market share, which has taken a hit due to intense competition from Android and Samsung.

The iPhone 5C

According to rumors, the iPhone 5C is supposed to fill the void where mid-range iPhones would exist, potentially retailing for around $300 outside of carrier subsidies. While already 60% of U.S. citizens who own cell phones own a smartphone, this taps into a new area of consumers. Similar to how the iPod mini was to the iPod, the 5C could satiate the masses who have been locked out of buying an iPhone for financial reasons.

In leaked photos and video, the iPhone 5C will be made of a cheaper material: plastic. This allows for a colored backing (again, varying color choices reminiscent of the iPod mini). It is also rumored that the 5C probably won’t contain Siri in order to differentiate it from the higher-end iPhones.

The iPhone 5S

The other new iPhone (being referred to as the iPhone 5S instead of the iPhone 6) is also rumored to be released at the same time as the 5C.  According to several rumor blogs, no one is expecting much of an upgrade for the 5S outside of an upgraded camera, battery life, and other typical specs. Some people seem to think that the iPhone 6 will feature the new, most impressive features that seem to be lacking in the 5S.

However, some agree that the 5S will also probably run on the next operating system, iOS 7. The most intriguing rumor so far has to be about the built-in fingerprint scanner. Recently, Apple bought Authentec, an organization that has many specialized fingerprint-scanning products. This seems to have sparked a huge amount of speculation about a fingerprint scanner built into the Home button.

It will be interesting to see how these rumors develop in the coming month, but on September 10th, the world will promptly find out the truth.


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