What To Do In A Social Media Crisis

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The amount of social media crises in recent history should not come as a surprise. Social media is prized by corporations who are trying to make a meaningful impact in their customers’ lives, but when everyone is online 100% of the time, things can blow up in a matter of an hour. It is important to have a clear, practical plan of action set in place for when a social media crisis happens so your organization will be prepared.


Perhaps one of the most important steps in crisis communication is preparation. Set aside some time one day to draw up a crisis response plan. It is worthwhile to imagine crisis situations that are the most likely to affect your organisation as well as ones that are far-fetched and extreme. Also consider collateral crises- a crisis that could affect your industry or organization indirectly. In your plan, address these points:


-Consider a social media monitoring application to keep an eye on all of your accounts at once. Apps like HootSuite, TweetDeck, or even Google Alerts can keep you in the know of what’s going on online. These can serve a secondary purpose of helping to manage your reputation online.

-Be sure to halt any auto-posting on all social media accounts. This is a huge faux pas and can worsen the crisis. It makes your organization seem oblivious to the fact that a crisis is occurring, or that you are purposefully ignoring it.

-Establish a chain of command to respond to the crisis. Delegate who needs to do what, and if necessary determine a spokesperson to respond to media inquiries. In some severe crises, it can be a good idea to set up a separate, easily-accessible web page about the crisis. It should be updated frequently, so make sure that this task is delegated to the right people.

-Do not ignore what is happening, be responsive. This means frequently updating social media accounts with developing information and responding to concerned and upset consumers. Following up with everyone who tweets you or posts on your Facebook wall is necessary customer relations. Also, try to avoid copy and pasting the same message as a response, which can seem disingenuous. And please, don’t act outwardly defensive. This can and will make you look like the bad guy.

-After you have implemented your crisis response plan and things have cooled off, it’s time to reflect on what happened. How did this happen and why? How can it be prevented? How can it be handled better and more smoothly? What worked and what definitely did not? After answering these questions, implement changes into your crisis response plan.

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Build Your Brand With Twitter

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Twitter is a flourishing social networking site because it is an easy and inexpensive way to strengthen your organization’s online brand. The beauty of social networking sites like Twitter is that it opens organizations up to their audiences by facilitating two-way communication. Two-way communication is a fast way to build trust and credibility for your brand. Here are two easy ways to make sure that your company is getting the most out of Twitter.

Be Relevant: Always strive to see yourself as a curator when sharing information. Use a discerning eye to determine whether or not a link is relevant to both you and your audience. Sometimes, it can be hard to reconcile the interests of your organization and your audience, but your followers will recognize that you are posting valuable and interesting content which can strengthen brand awareness.

Be Present: Interact with your followers- communication is what Twitter is all about. Put yourself out there and then reap the benefits. Actively responding to your followers and reaching out to those you follow will humanize your brand and boost engagement. Engaging with your followers can also lead to new followers.

As you can see, the fundamentals of building your brand with Twitter aren’t difficult. It’s all about engaging your followers in a meaningful way. Keeping these two ideas in mind, it’s hard to go wrong

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Rumor Mill: Facebook to Dip Into Video Ads

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This week, rumors began circulating that Facebook, the social networking giant, would begin to roll out targeted video advertisements on

users’ news feeds. The videos would potentially be integrated into news feeds, similar to the current “sponsored pages” advertisements, and are to begin automatically playing once the user scrolls past it.


Mobile social networking apps Vine and Instagram already utilized the scrolling autoplay method for its videos. The advertisements have also been described as “Television commercial-style” in which the users will not be able to skip the video ad, but will be able to turn down or mute the volume from their computers.


This could spark discontent in users of the social media platform, who already came up in arms when Facebook changed its privacy settings in 2011. Allegedly, CEO Mark Zuckerberg pushed back the initiative twice in order to avoid this.


In the last quarter, Facebook sold approximately $656 million worth of mobile ads. It is doubtful the ads would show up on the mobile Facebook app, though, in consideration of people’s limited data plans.


The online video ad market is a lucrative one, worth approximately $6.6 billion.It has been reported that Facebook could charge upwards of $2.5 million per day for 15 seconds of targeted video advertising, which is comparable to television commercials aired during the Super Bowl.

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Is Pinterest Right for Your Business?

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Pinterest is quickly becoming a popular marketing tool for many different types of businesses. Pinterest provides a visual and social platform for content, videos, photos and other products and services businesses offer. So, is Pinterest right for your business? That depends- but you can probably benefit from the site no matter what. We’ll walk you through how to figure it out.

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  • Do you have a lot of visuals? If you company’s website is packed with interesting infographics, compelling photos or entertaining videos, then you need to be on Pinterest! Pinterest is all about visually attracting an audience, so if you’ve got the quality content, Pinterest has a board for you.

  • Is your audience already pinning your brand? Check out your Google analytics and you might be surprised- some of your market may have already been pinning your products or services. If traffic to your site is coming from Pinterest, that probably means it’s a good place to invest an account in.

  • Do you have a small amount of time to invest in it? Pinterest is a much more passively managed social media account than Twitter or Facebook, but it still takes time to create, mold, and post to. Make sure you’ve got at least a small window of opportunity to nurture your profile and add to it every so often. The good thing is, Pinterest content has a much longer shelf life than tweets or Facebook posts- pins can circulate around for months, especially if they’re racking up re-pins frequently.

  • Do you already love Pinterest? If you’re already personally interested in the site, it’s a definite option for your business. No matter what Pinterest can draw some amount of attention to your company, and if you’re already familiar with it and love the social platform, then go ahead and let your company hop on the pinning bandwagon.

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How to Write Content Google Will Love

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At Fahrenheit Marketing we don’t just write any content, but we write content that Google and our clients’ customers love. Here are some tips we’ve learned on how to write content that search engines and humans will both enjoy:

  • Don’t just tell readers what to do, tell them how to do it: As copywriter Bob Bly shares, most readers and Google like solid writing that tell you not just facts or what to do, but how to do something. For example, instead of a travel company telling readers they should get a passport, it’s better to write an article on the steps of how to get one. In every paragraph, you should ask yourself if you are telling the reader how to do something, or just telling them what to do.
  • Include natural, relevant keywords: Search engines like keywords because it makes your site easier to track, but readers don’t like to see random keywords that take away from your post’s meaning. And now even search engines that see pages with random lists of keywords consider them over-optimized and can penalize them. Use keywords whenever it comes naturally to please your readers and the search engines.
  • Avoid duplicate content: If you are using content on your site that is copied from other places on the Web, your site will most likely be penalized. Also, if you are using someone else’s content, this is considered plagiarism. Your readers want to know how your company is unique, so use original, creative content that shows off your company.
  • Use eye-catching headlines: Not only does a powerful headline draw in the attention of your reader, but if it uses a relevant keyword it also attracts search engines. If you need some tips, we recently wrote about how to write attention-grabbing headlines that pull in readers and keep them reading.

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