Obsolete Since 2004, Companies Still Charge for Search Engine Submission

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

Q: What technology has been obsolete for years yet companies are still charging (up to $3000) to use?
A: Search Engine Submissions

If I had a nickel for every faux SEO technology and service used to take advantage of business owners, I’d have a private island in the Caribbean. It’s not a joke, that’s the sad reality of search engine optimization where you have credible businesses competing against empty promises, aggressive up-selling and flat out lies delivered by companies that promise top results for pennies on the dollar.

Today’s example: paying for search engine submissions and search engine submission software. In the early days of the web, search engines weren’t advanced enough to crawl sites on their own so you had to submit a site or individual pages to be crawled and then indexed. However with smarter crawlers that discover sites by crawling links and the introduction of the sitemap, you only need to submit your site if its brand new. Even then, linking to the site in social profiles is enough to get it indexed most of the time.

However if you actually need to submit the site, Google and Bing provide an easy way to get indexed for free.

Or you can pay $50 to $2995 to have someone spend 5 seconds doing it for you. Some sites justify the fee by claiming they will add your site to tens of thousands of search engines but honestly if there were that many viable search engines, then why are people so driven on getting to the top of just one of them instead of the other 20,000 search engines?

While some people believe you have to pay to get into search engines let me be clear: search engines don’t charge to have you indexed and don’t pay anyone to submit to them for you.