Online Marketing: You Reap what you Sow

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

That famous saying “you reap what you sow” is a common quote followed by a mass amount of working professionals. Reaping what you sow is just another iteration of you get what you put into it, working hard produces favorable results. This is also true for the online marketing world, especially search engine optimization (SEO). So it is important to note that reaping takes time and you wont see instant results. A good marketing agency will plan, prepare, and take careful consideration on how to use your money to maximize marketing results for your law practice.

What are some ways a good marketing agency can use your money to reap good fruit in the next year?

-Daily Online Content Creation & Syndication. Content is king and consistency is queen. Content is considered the guts of your website and is one of the most important digital marketing trends. This is a prime way to engage your customers and provide expert knowledge to help them along their decision making process.

-Daily Social Media Updates (Google+, Facebook, and Twitter). Social media has become a “social habit” among 12 million Americans. More than half of these users will follow a brand and admit that the posts they view influence their decisions. Therefore, it makes sense to have an active profile on social media to share buzz and create relationships with your customers.

-Management Of Google Adwords (Display & Search). Mastering the analytics of your website can be a full time job and will require a great amount of attention to detail, ability to digest the information gathered, and patience. The insight marketing agencies gather can be used to target specific groups through advertising campaigns. With any marketing technique, a management and analytic system should be in place.

-24/7 Live Chat Support. This provides you the ease of mind knowing that someone will always be there to answer any questions while you are with your family, or resting from a hard day at the office. Specialized industry trained agents are ready to answer any questions from your current clients or future clients. Live chat services open the gate to more cases for your law firm.

-Phone Tracking With Call Recording. A call-tracking service that transforms your business’s phone number into a powerful lead with customer information. A recorded call and report is sent to your email of choice to capture those cases you have been patiently waiting for.

-One Press Release Per Month. Professionally written articles about newsworthy topics relevant to your law firm will be delivered to every major news site, search engines, bloggers, and journalists in order to gain visibility and interest in your practice.

Fahrenheit is in the business of engaging your potential clients with your brand in meaningful ways. That means creating relevant content, syndicating that content on social media channels, providing 24/7 live chat support, tracking each and every call that comes through your website with a recording of each call, managing your Google Adwords campaigns, and sending out a press release on your behalf every month. That is what we call VALUE.