Part 1:The Guide to How Fahrenheit Builds a Website

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

How does Fahrenheit Marketing create a client’s website? In this two-part series, you can learn as members from our talented team share how we work together to make websites that are just what our clients were looking for.

1.Talk with clients about what they want.

Garrett, Account Executive:
We get to know our clients’ businesses inside and out by taking a look at their competition, current site (if they have one), years in business and niche specialities. But, first and foremost, we want to get a good feel for our clients’ personalities because their sites are really an extension of themselves, and we want it to reflect their tastes.

Here are just a few of the important questions we ask a client to prep for a site build:

  • What are your business goals, and specifically what would you like your website and online marketing efforts to accomplish?
  • What’s your budget? There’s a number of things that we can accomplish with our online marketing efforts, but without knowledge of the client’s budget, the scope can’t really be determined.

In the end, sales and conversions are what really matter, so if clients present ideas that aren’t necessarily in their best interest, we’ll always let them know, and we’ll strive to find a solution that leaves them satisfied.

2. Gather information for content and SEO development.

Zane, SEO Specialist:
We ask our clients a few key questions to determine what kind of content to create for their websites:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What clients or services are the most profitable for you?
  • Do you have a specialty? A service or product that no one else has?
  • Why should a potential customer prefer you over your competitors?

Finding out if a client has a specialty product or service allows us to create extremely specific content. Any time we can create content for those “long tail keywords” we can help our clients get a nice return on their investment.

Check out our upcoming installment in which we will share from our content developers, Web designers and Web developers about their roles in building Fahrenheit’s websites.

To learn more about getting a website built by Fahrenheit Marketing’s exceptional team, contact us today.

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