Responsive Design: How It Works & Why You Need It

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

The term ‘responsive design’ has been thrown around a lot recently, and as mobile Web gets bigger and iPads keep selling, it’s going to stick around. The concept of responsive Web design revolves around making websites compatible on a variety of devices, from laptops to iPhones to video game browsers. In a mobile, on-the-go world, having a responsive website is a necessity and a desire for any company.

The basis of responsive design is flexibility. Adapting to the needs of visitors is a top priority for most companies, ranging from blogging interesting content to providing useful company information, and responding to user devices is just another part of customer service. When a website has responsive design, Web pages resize and flow to fit the screen the consumer is using. Go to a website and start messing with the size of your browser — does the site readjust to fit? Or does adjusting your screen cut off part of the site? Sites with responsive design will move as the browser moves, and this is what responsive design is all about.

Responsive design may seem initially as more of a want than a need. But, the visitors to your site would beg to differ. Studies have shown that delays or inconveniences can lead to consumers immediately leaving sites — there are plenty of other websites to browse and they’ll find the site that they can actually see on their phone. Maximum convenience is important for Web design — you’ve got the be not only the best, but the best-looking to keep consumers on your site. As snazzy and intriguing as your site may look, it loses 50 percent of its appeal when the site is cut in half on a smaller browsing screen.

When working with a Web design or marketing company, be sure to make responsive design part of your plan. It’s an integral part of making a user-friendly site, and a necessity for any company that wants to stand out in its industry.

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