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Top 10 Tips To Boost Leads And Sales From Your Website

When it comes to boosting leads and sales, your website is one of your best resources. There are numerous studies and statistics showing just how much your website influences your level of leads and sales. If you’re currently having trouble implementing new strategies, you’re in luck because there are numerous options available for your aid. … Continued

When it comes to boosting leads and sales, your website is one of your best resources. There are numerous studies and statistics showing just how much your website influences your level of leads and sales. If you’re currently having trouble implementing new strategies, you’re in luck because there are numerous options available for your aid. However, implementing strategies take time and if you are in a time-crunch,  it’s just best to focus on the most effective ones. To help you boost sales and leads for your own site, below are the top best tips to get you started.

1.Start with Your “Call-to-Action”

Every effective website that is looking to sell something has a highly effective call to action. When devising a call-to-action, your most effective strategy to boosting leads and sales is to personalize it for your users. In order to personalize your website’s call-to-action, you need to understand your users and what they are looking for. Once you understand your target market, tailor the call-to-action to them. For example, you can personalize the call-to-action by writing it in a lead/sales-generation style, adding helpful visuals, and using action-oriented words. In terms of word count, the consensus is that 150 characters seems to do the trick best.

2. Create Incentives

When it comes to generating leads and sales from your website, an approach that you should certainly implement is the incentive approach. When a visitor visits your website, you can include a pop-up form that invites the visitor to register their email address to get your monthly newsletter or to hear about new product promotions. In return for the email address, you can offer a free gift card for your business’s products or a discount code for any item in your store. Through this approach, not only are you offering the visitor reason to provide you with their email, but you also give them a second incentive, which is to buy something. With that, you get both a lead and a sale. Note: these popups don’t have to be annoying. I prefer to use exit-intent pops, as you can see on Hosting Review Box – when you’re viewing one of these web hosting reviews and you move your mouse to close that tab, only then does the popup appear. So it’s a “last chance” to get an action from your visitors before they leave. It works. 

3. The Industry Expert Approach

Never underestimate the power of industry experts and how they can influence leads and sales when it comes to your product. Another golden approach to generating more leads and sales is to give an industry expert a sample of your product and see if they are able to take part in an interview or testimonial about how much they enjoyed your product. If they agree and you end up offering their experience on your website’s landing page or blog, you can be sure that your brand will gain enough credibility and legitimacy to prompt visitors to make a purchase, or at least leave their information.

4. Add Images to Your Website

Words are important because they can explain your product or service much better than images can do alone. On the other hand, if your web page only features images or words, then you have some tweaking to do. When creating your landing page, you should add images to the page and place those images next to crucial text and offers. Users will instinctively be drawn to those areas, thereby promoting your product or services better helping you generate leads and sales.

5. A Call-to-Action that Links to Your Landing Page

A grave mistake that some brands make when it comes to a call-to-action is not linking the same to their website’s landing page. You need to do everything possible to promote your product or service, which includes linking the call-to-action to your main page. By doing so, you’ll be able to direct visitors to what you have to offer, thus increasing your chances of conversion.

6. Clarity is Your Best Friend

Too many website owners opt for creativity or wittiness at the expense of clarity and understanding. While you should certainly aim to be creative, you shouldn’t do so in a manner that may compromise how a visitor understands your page. Therefore, the best thing to do if you want to generate leads and sales is to ensure that your headlines are clear and concise. For example, rather than say “Sweeten Up Your Day,” you should explain what you’re offering with a headline that says, “Sweeten Your Day with a Free E-Book on Lead Generation.”

7. Why Buy Your Product or Service

In order to generate a sale, you need to provide users with information that explains to them why they should buy your product. Put yourself in the position of the buyer – chances are, you too are unlikely to spend your money on something that you know nothing about. With that, you should clearly and efficiently describe what your product is and how it is better and more advantageous than other similar products on the market. By pointing out what makes your product so great, you’ll be able to prompt visitors to go from reading your web page to buying your product or service.  Tip: One of our favorite books on copywriting is Cashvertising – give it a quick read every couple months to stay sharp and maximize your sales.

8. Lead Your Leads to the Lead Generation Form

If your webpage has too many links, understand that these links can be distracting to the visitor. Your prospect should be able to visit your website, view what you have to offer, and feel inspired to buy. As this takes place, you should configure and format your page in a manner that leads the visitor to the lead generation form. The form can either be a pop-up form or it can be located on the side of the page, which is the best location to set it.

9. Social Media Offers

In some cases, you may need some external help and when this occurs, you’re best served by taking advantage of your brand’s social media accounts. To generate leads and sales, you can offer a promotional offer on social media channels and to take advantage of the offer, users should need to click on the ad and redirect to your site. Once at the site, you can either offer the visitor to use their promotional offer now or to sign up to your brand’s site or newsletter to use the offer later. Through this, you’re not only using social media to generate leads, but you’re using the power of your website.

10. The A/B Split Test

No, this suggestion has nothing to do with math or an actual exam. An A/B split test is the process of testing one web page (the control page) against another page (the page that you are changing). By testing the new page against the control page, you’ll be able to determine whether your lead and sales generation strategies are effective. The best tests are those that are run for two weeks and that take account of every change and how it affects leads and sales. Once you reach the number you’ve been striving for, you can feel confident that you’ve created the ideal lead and sales generation web page.


Configuring your web page to generate more leads and sales isn’t challenging, especially if you implement the tips listed above. With the above strategies, you’ll be able to turn your website into a lead and sales generation powerhouse, so long as you do everything correctly.