Greg Pittenger

Hailing from Austin, Greg is one of those anomalies in a land of transplants. Greg is an attentive and content driven professional designated to enrich the offers of our clients through insightful content strategy, while managing dozens of projects, ensuring … Continued

Brandon Dunham

Brandon joined the Fahrenheit team after a successful run with another long-standing agency in the Austin area. He brings a great deal of insight when it comes to digital strategy as well as a solid understanding on project management, both … Continued

Ricardo Casas

A natural businessman formally trained as a creative director, Ricardo guides Fahrenheit Marketing in its partnerships and developments, offering 18 years of experience in marketing and branding. Ricardo attended the School of Business and International Relations (FURB) in Blumenau, Brazil, … Continued

Tim Zook

Tim is a passionate self-taught developer who is fascinated by all things programming and has been tinkering with programming projects since he was old enough to type. He worked as a freelance web developer for several years before joining Fahrenheit … Continued

Jorge Roberto

A citizen of the world, Jorge joined Fahrenheit with the mission to conquer all things development related. He brings together both front and back end in a 5’9 bucket of awesomeness. While anything code is game for Jorge, he is … Continued

Laurel Beth

Laurel is our office manager and also responsible for all accounts payable and receivable. Should you engage with Fahrenheit, you’ll interface with Laurel on a regular basis.

Kiana Emaratsaz

Kiana hails from the Texas State Visual Communication Design School, one of the top UI/UX programs in the country. She works closely with the strategy and development teams to ensure the user experience maps are followed prescriptively, allowing us to … Continued

Luiz Felipe Leite

Luiz joined the Fahrenheit team as a front end and back end developer and he dominates PHP like a Jedi. WordPress, REACT, Laravel, BigCommerce, Shopify and other technologies are part of Luiz’s day to day.

Breno Cardoso

Breno joined the Fahrenheit team to lead our branding efforts. He has been conceiving and designing award winning brands for over 10 years. Breno’s approach to brand design is conceptual, minimalist and altogether beautiful. Take a moment to review the … Continued