The Art of Sharing

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We’ve all learned that social media is a great way to spread the content we’ve worked so hard to create. Social media shares are like free advertising, but even better because people find endorsements from their friends to be much more credible than advertising. So how do we decide which social media buttons to include?

Don’t Have Too Many Buttons

For some website managers, the solution is to include every social media button that exists, but doing this could cause you to end up with fewer social media shares. Here’s why:

Too many social media buttons can slow down your website, which will hurt your Google rankings and increase your website’s bounce rate.
More options mean that your visitors will have a harder time choosing which network to use.
According to Quick Sprout, people are more likely to click one of your social sharing buttons when you give them three or four options instead of five or more. And they recommend only using four buttons if you have more than 50,000 monthly visitors.

Which Buttons Should You Use?

Now that you know how many buttons to use, it’s time to decide which ones are right for your website. This process isn’t one-size-fits-all, though. The right choice for one website won’t necessarily be the right one for another site.

To help you decide which buttons to use, look into your analytics tools to see which social media sites refer the most traffic to your website. While you’re at it, think critically about the demographic of your ideal visitors. Are they businessmen in their 50s? Maybe offering a LinkedIn share button could help spread your message. Are they 35-year-old housewives who love to craft? Try having a “Pin It” button so they can share your post on Pinterest.

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