The Difference Between an SEO Shop and a Marketing Agency

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Unlike search engine optimization companies that only offer SEO, Fahrenheit Marketing offers our clients website design, mobile and web app development, public relations, SEO services, content development and more. Our broad range of online marketing services helps us not only get our clients high rankings in search engines, but also convert our clients’ clicks into customers. Take our case study of The Law Offices of W.T. Johnson for an example.

The client’s website was ranking well, but its conversions had flatlined. Learn as our Web designer, SEO specialist and CEO share how our site redesign transformed not only its website, but also its conversions — something SEO companies just don’t have the capabilities to do.

Brian Y., Fahrenheit Web Designer

How did you come up with W.T. Johnson’s new website design?

The previous W.T. Johnson site was very formal with a white and blue color theme. It was what the client wanted, but the site didn’t convert well.

The Difference Between a Marketing Agency and an SEO Shop

So, we tried to come up with a site that had an opposite look. That is why we chose the darker colors, and we tested out a more futuristic menu bar. Since the logo has circles in it, I tried to make a curvy shape for the menu. The other new graphic elements are all related to those two ideas.

The Difference Between an SEO Shop and a Marketing Agency


Zane, SEO Specialist

What has been the impact of the redesign?

The redesign has markedly helped the client’s user experience:

  • The client’s page views have increased by 71 percent
  • Their pages per visit has increased by 84 percent
  • Their average visit duration has increased by 247 percent and
  • Their bounce rate has dropped by 12 percent

Why did Fahrenheit choose to redesign the site even though it was ranking well?

Sometimes, SEO alone isn’t enough. The client already had good rankings for targeted keywords and enjoyed a large amount of visitors. Oftentimes, it’s more strategic to increase the conversion rate of a site rather than focusing solely on increasing the number of qualified unique visitors.

That’s the benefit of working with a full-service online marketing agency, rather than an SEO firm. We were able to design, stage and launch a complete redesign in under 48 hours. If you luck out and hire a good SEO firm, you might get the traffic you need. However, you might also be stuck scratching your head at why your phone isn’t ringing. A full-service online marketing firm will be able to offer you conversion management guidance and implementation.

Ricardo Casas, Fahrenheit Marketing CEO

What does the client think of the redesign?

The client loves the new design. Especially since the client is on retainer, the redesign didn’t cost them anything. As long as a client remains with us, we will design and redesign the site for continual conversion improvement at no additional cost to the client.

Anything else you would like to add on what makes Fahrenheit Marketing unique from SEO firms?

As a marketing agency, our commitment to our client goes much beyond ranking. We need to know who our audience is and what causes them to choose one thing over the other. This is only possible by analyzing data and testing until we find the silver bullet. Even then, it only lasts for so long because people change and so must our strategies.

Ranking is where SEO firms stop. Our goal is to create visibility through outstanding ranking as well as conversions. We do this by offering a user experience that connects with each individual user, improving our chances of turning casual visitors into paying clients. We believe that this truly sets us apart from what some consider our competitors.

Fahrenheit is NOT a search engine optimization shop. We’re a marketing agency that uses search engine optimization as a means to an end.

To learn more about how Fahrenheit Marketing can help you rank well and convert customers, contact us today.

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