Three Off-the-Wall Things to A/B Test on Your Web Site

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Most webmasters want their websites to convert better. Those conversions can come through form submissions, phone calls, white paper downloads or likes on Facebook. To achieve better conversion rates, some webmasters have turned to A/B testing, or running randomized experiments where visitors are shown two different versions of a website. The version with the higher conversion rate is deemed the winner and any changes made in the winning version are applied to the canonical version of the site.

However, you might not realize which details of your website you should test. Here are a few off-the-wall conversion experiments to implement.

“Where’s that Phone Number, Again?”

Try increasing (or decreasing) your telephone number’s font size. Some sites make their phone numbers downright illegible. Others take up the entire header with their digits. Run a few tests to make sure your phone number is optimized for your users’ expectations.

Test Your 404 Page

404 pages happen. Don’t be ashamed by them. If a visitor has clicked to a page that doesn’t really exist, use the opportunity to experiment with the location of a search box or offering your social media profiles as a resource. Your new 404 page could be just the shot in the arm your twitter profile needed.

“What do my Highest Bouncing Pages have in Common?”

Use your Web analytics package to identify the 5 pages on your site with the highest bounce rates. Then, make some hypotheses about why the pages are similar. Perhaps the content on the pages wasn’t written with the correct reader in mind. Perhaps you have a broken widget that only appears on a few pages. Use A/B testing to check your guesses and make a better user experience for your visitors.

These are just a few off-the-beaten-path A/B tests to run. Let us know of any other unique conversion experiments you like in the comments. We’d love to hear them.

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