Using Paid Links is Like Driving in A Bad Storm

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Watching the news this morning, I thought of an interesting analogy between people who choose to drive in bad weather and sites that choose to use paid links. Below is a list of drivers you find on snowy roads and how their reasons for driving relate to using paid links:

There’s nothing to be scared of, other people don’t know how to drive

These types of site owners think that everybody else just gets penalized because they don’t know how to buy links the right way. They don’t fear what might happen because they don’t think it will happen to them. They drive fast and buy links all over the place and in they might see results … but the second they take their eyes off the road, they end up in a ditch. They might have minor injuries but their passengers (clients) end up in the hospital.

I have to be out here, this is how I make a living

These are the truck drivers of the internet. They have resided themselves to the fact that if everybody else in their industry is doing paid links then they have to be out there too. They might even get a penalty but they just keep moving on convinced that paid links are worth the risk.

I’ll be really really careful

These drivers slowly prod along, they drive carefully and try to stay in existing ruts so they don’t go off course. They buy a few links here, pay for a post there and crawl along. Then as they slowly make their way through town they crash or get stuck and there first thought is “What happened? I thought I was going along fine then … bang”

I’m not going out there

The smart move.

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