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As someone who creates long to-do lists every day (inevitably bringing on a sigh of resignation come evening), could it be possible that this web app might actually give me the elusive “Just what I needed” with its sheer simplicity? Visions of me standing by the paper shredder destroying notebooks of to-do lists give me hope for a future without a paper-and-pen ball and chain.

I was instantly intrigued by a web app that doesn’t have loads of bells and whistles, but gets down to the nitty gritty. This productivity app lets you create and join groups comprised of people with similar goals. It allows you to track your goals and see how others are doing. This isn’t your average productivity app. It doesn’t attract users with goals such as “Create Personal Mission Statement” and “Get to Work Early and Stay Late to Miss Traffic.” I’m talking about real life goals of simple pleasures that users want for themselves. No matter how offbeat your goals may seem, you will undoubtedly find others with similar ideas.

The groups created by users surprised me — pleasantly. Categories and their descriptions include:

    1. 52 Love Notes (Give a hand-written note to your loved one every week.)
    2. 12 Weeks of Clean (Clean your place of residence at least once a week for 3 months.)
    3. Find 3 New Composers to Explore
    4. Send Some Snail Mail (Send 3 letters or cards the old-fashioned way this month.)
    5. Call 5 Friends or Family Members to Catch Up (Use an actual phone to call up friends and family for a proper catch up! You have 1 month to make 5 real calls!)
    6. Get Debt Below $19,000
    7. Learn About Fireworks

And possibly my favorite:

    1. Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey (Get up when the alarm clock goes off, five days a week for a month.)

I like this web app because it feels like the anti-New Year’s Resolution without the pressure or deadlines. While I won’t join or create any far-fetched categories like, “Learn to Cook” or “Clip Coupons,” my mind is already churning with possibilities — simple, achievable and fun possibilities. Rollercoasters come to mind. I wonder how many rollercoasters are within a 100-mile radius of where I live. Hmmm.

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