What Are SEO Keywords?

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Daily, new words are introduced to the “online language” to describe some aspect of the ever-evolving digital  world. Words that didn’t exist twenty years ago are now recognizable to a large  portion of the world’s population. Words like “selfie” and “hashtag” are prevalent in both our online and offline worlds. Nowadays, even children are participating in this lingual evolution.

Similarly, the online marketing world possesses its own slang terms. Nearly every professional involved in this field has heard of an SEO Keyword, one of the most vital components in online marketing success. But what does this term stand for, and why is it so critical? More importantly, why should you care about SEO keywords?

To best describe this term, we’ll break it down:



SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO is the process of optimizing content—whether it is a web page, blog post, video, or any other kind of consumable content—for search engines like Google to identify.

Why  is SEO so important, though? The simplest answer is this: SEO helps your website rank favorably in search results, which drives more customers to your business. Believe it or not, Google is the overlord of the Internet, directing swathes (and we mean swathes) of user traffic to sources it deems safe and credible. By investing time into SEO, you are showing Google that  your website meets its standards of internet fair-play.  Follow SEO best practices and Google will grant you a higher spot on the search results list, putting you on track to attracting more customers.



Keywords are the building blocks of digitized content. These are specific terms or phrases that appear frequently in a particular area, whether it is a blog post, webpage, or a whole website. For example, a keyphrase for a blog on proper dental hygiene might be “brushing your teeth,” and a keyword would be “teeth.” Keywords should never stuff an article. They are meant to give signals to search engines that the topic at hand addresses a possible query, they make your article relevant to potential clients and therefore, promote higher ranking. If you stuff your content with keywords, not only will it sound silly, but your article will also be penalized.


The Winning Combination: SEO Keyword

Put SEO and Keyword together and you have an SEO Keyword: a specific term or phrase, lightly salted over the consumable content, that is designed to attract Google’s attention and answer the questions your potential clients may have. The result? Google’s crawling bots pick up on your hard work and communicates to their master that your content (and to an extension, you and your website) is relevant, safe, and credible for search engine users.
Interested in harnessing the power of SEO? Fahrenheit Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Austin, Texas, integrates SEO into all of its services, from web design and app development  to content creation.  With this expertise, your website will shine like a beacon to Google, attracting  more potential clients to your website. For more information or to receive a quote for SEO services, say hi to us!

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