What do Fireworks Have in Common with Marketing?

Fahrenheit Marketing in Marketing

Who knew that fireworks and marketing had similarities. Fahrenheit Marketing highlights the interesting elements shared between both fireworks and marketing.

It’s loud.

Yup, the message is loud! Marketing messages are meant to stand out against all the other noises that may be distracting customers. The blasting sound from the firework increases in accordance to the size and quality of the firework. Marketing messages are very similar. As the campaign expands, the communication becomes clear and loud for all audiences to hear.

Sparkling design.

Not only does the message have to be loud, but it also needs to be attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Design is an integral part in the entire marketing campaign. Designs include layout, color, organization, fonts, and functionality. The message would be desolate with the absence of a strong and supportive design. Fireworks are designed to capture the attention of spectators, just as websites and marketing campaigns are designed to capture the attention of the target audience.

All About Presentation.

Firework shows are phenomenal when paired with other stimulating features such as music. Marketing messages are most successful when paired with other mediums such as social media, emails, online target advertising, radio and tv ads, and website design. For a memorable online marketing campaign (presentation) make sure the audience is defined, design is flawless, and ensure the message is integrated.

Big bang for your buck.

If you buy a small sparkler for two dollars you will only get a few moments of enjoyment, whereas if you spend a little more money on big display fireworks that spreads across the sky, you will have enjoyment for a good hour or more! Marketing requires investment as well. The size of the marketing budget will determine the impact of the campaign. According the U.S. Small Business Administration, businesses with less than 5 million in gross revenues should spend 7-8 percent of their revenues in marketing initiatives. This all includes brand development costs and the costs of promoting the business.

Freedom, Liberty, Pride.

You own a business, therefore you have freedom to make impactful decisions, you have liberty to say yes or no, and you have pride as a result of your strategic judgments. It is exhilarating to have control over the direction of a marketing campaign. Fireworks are just a representation of the freedom, liberty and pride we all share within our homes and offices.

Creating a professional firework show is hard work, and so is a great marketing plan.Learn more about beautiful design, interactive development, and impressive advertising from an “All American” digital marketing agency here in the heart of Austin, Texas.

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