What Fahrenheiters Are Thankful For

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

The Fahrenheit Marketing family can’t wait for tomorrow and eating to our hearts’ content with friends and family. But of course Thanksgiving is more than just filling up on favorite holiday food that only comes around once a year. 

It’s also about spending time reconnecting with family and friends, and giving thanks together. So to help you get to know the Fahrenheit family more, we want to invite you to our holiday table as we each share a few things we are thankful for.

Ricardo, our CEO, is thankful…

  • that Fahrenheit Marketing is thriving and growing due to exceptional customer service and solid results.
  • for my beautiful wife.
  • for my adorable four children.
  • for my church family.

Jacob, our CTO, is thankful that…

  • IE7+IE6 market share has dropped below 1.5% in the U.S.
  • Louis Hamilton won the first U.S. Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas.
  • my wonderful wife is making carrot cake for Thanksgiving dinner.

Brian Yom, our Creative Director, is thankful…

  • for my recent marriage.
  • that Fahrenheit’s business is growing. 
  • for a good working environment.
  • to God that I can see, hear, feel and breathe today.

Donna, our Human Resources Manager, is thankful for…

  • many blessings great and small.
  • my husband.
  • the friendly and fantastic marketing geniuses at Fahrenheit Marketing who teach me something new every day! 

Garrett, our Account Executive, is thankful…

  • to live in one of the friendliest cities in the world.
  • to work with such a diverse team of talented, down-to-earth folks.
  • for my mom, who I get to see over Thanksgiving for the first time since last Christmas, yay!

Zane, our SEO Specialist, is thankful…

  • that I married my best friend this year.
  • that my Aggies beat Bama.
  • for Google Webmaster Tools.

Brian Gumz, our Content Strategist, is thankful that…

  • my family is coming to Austin for Thanksgiving. (We’re all walking the Turkey Trot together!)
  • my dog is coming down to Austin for Thanksgiving too. (She’s not walking the Turkey Trot though.)
  • Justin and Selena are still together. (I’ve been stressing about it since Friday.)

Julianne, our Public Relations Specialist, is thankful…

  • that my parents and grandparents are coming to Austin for Thanksgiving this year, saving me an eight-hour drive in my almost-too-old-for-trips-like-these 4Runner.
  • for the adventures I get to look forward to in 2013.
  • that our clients are always innovating, which leaves me with an abundance of news to share through our public relations syndication services.

Esther, one of our Content Developers, is thankful for…

  • my loving husband (of almost five months!).
  • getting to meet new babies at my family’s Thanksgiving celebration.
  • a boss who also happens to be a renowned “thumbpapologist” (at least in Brazil…).

Ben, our Web Developer, is thankful for:

  • being back in Texas and finally about to get my dog back.
  • awesome developer tools: Chrome + Sublime Text 2 + Grunt.js + Bootstrap.
  • cheese.

Richard, one of our Content Developers, is thankful that…

  • I get to see my family this Thanksgiving.
  • so many members of aforementioned family are excellent cooks.
  • I have the opportunity to write quality content for Austin Web Design and SEO agency Fahrenheit Marketing. 

Patrick, our Web Application Developer, is thankful… 

  • for good coffee.
  • that Google’s new Nexus 4s are going to be raising the percentage of mobile internet browsers.
  • for good piano music.

Sherri, one of our Content Developers, is thankful…

  • that writing solid content is our SEO strategy rather than keyword stuffing.
  • for my adorable two-month-old son Rocco.
  • that my amazing Thai husband will become an American citizen in a few months.

To get to know our Fahrenheit family even more and learn how we can use our array of talents to help your company, contact us today.