What is FahrenTrack?

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

According to a 2010 survey, 82 percent of Americans own a cell phone. That phone is used for going online, texting, taking photos, playing games and more, but research also said the average cell phone user still makes and receives around five calls a day.

As those cell phone users call your business, you could miss out if you don’t have a call-tracking system to gather vital customer data before potential clients hang up. This is why we created FahrenTrack™: a unique call-tracking service that turns your business phone number into a revolutionary lead generation and customer insight platform.

How FahrenTrack Works 

Through cost-effective FahrenTrack, you can accurately manage your search bids and boost conversion rates. In order to track your multiple campaigns, we assign each campaign a unique number that’s immediately ready to use — and if you want to keep your old business number, number porting is also available. 

Once customers call, a detailed report on the caller is sent to your email, providing you with:

  • The caller’s name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Time of call
  • Length of the call
  • A recording of the conversation

Recently, after one of our clients reviewed his call data, he cut promotions that received few calls and renewed campaigns with higher call volumes. By analyzing FahrenTrack data, he was able to reduce his annual marketing budget from $300,000 to $80,000.

Plus, managers can listen to conversations to determine how well employees are converting customers and how they can improve their skills. 

FahrenTrack Rates

You never have to worry about going over your minutes with FahrenTrack. All FahrenTrack packages include unlimited minutes and no overage rates. You pay a flat, affordable, monthly rate for every telephone line you wish to track for all inbound calls to your business.

To save money and gain more clients, contact us today to learn more about how FahrenTrack can help your business grow.