Need Web Design that Doesn’t Sacrifice SEO or Usability?

The goal of your website is to convert visitors into clients or paying customers, and we can get you there. Just like your business, we know your Web presence must be defined by the user experience — producing a compelling, accessible interaction where everyone benefits.

When creating a site, our design team keeps their eyes on seven key elements that take a so-so website to red hot:

  • Accessibility — Responsive design for great user experience across multiple devices and browsers
  • Content — Compelling headlines, subheads, graphics and call-outs to reinforce key messaging
  • Usability — Consistent, user-friendly navigation and button interface
  • Appearance — Fresh fonts, graphics and color palette, tailored to your company’s target demographic
  • Structure — Fixed, proportional or fluid layouts to accommodate static or dynamic designs
  • Audience — Tailoring design to the target user expectations and aesthetic sensibilities
  • SEO — Search-engine appealing fonts, graphics, images and more to maximize customer exposure and conversion

Planning for Your Success

It’s one thing to make it pretty — but a pretty website isn’t enough. Our designers conduct extensive research and planning to optimize the site’s design for your company’s target audience, right down to the colors we use.

For example, if you are targeting an older audience, larger fonts, simple graphics and ease-of-use are some of the design elements we would incorporate. A flashy website with constantly moving objects confuses users who are trying to gather information about you and your business quickly.

Early in the process, we gain insight into your targeted audience and put together a website that will give them what they want.

Our designers work with the rest of the Fahrenheit Marketing team to ensure great SEO is achieved as well. We test our sites regularly to determine what elements of design need to be tweaked to get the results you need.

Your Company, Your Website

We are keenly aware that the time, money and effort you pour into your business is a huge investment, and we honor the fact that the website is ultimately yours, not ours. We don’t waste time coming up with design comps that are nowhere near what you want, because the initial consultation will give us a clear road map for what you are looking for.

Beautiful, Measurable Results

Web design is both an art and a science. We get that. And for years now, our team has been providing clients not only with gorgeous, inspiring Web design, but also with results you can measure. Take a look at our portfolio to see how and what we’ve delivered for other clients just like you.

Ready, Set…

Ready for a fresh look and increased traffic? Call us. Our team of designers and developers is eager to work with you to capture and publish all you have to offer your customers. It’s go time.

Contact us for a free consultation today.