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BigCommerce vs. Shopify

BigCommerce and Shopify are some of the hottest eCommerce platforms on the market. Millions of businesses leverage both platforms’ comprehensive suite of capabilities to create and manage their online stores. ECommerce is here to stay, and it’s crucial to understand the importance of eCommerce platforms for driving brand growth, online. When comparing BigCommerce and Shopify, … Continued

5 Reasons to Invest in a Shopify Theme in 2023

We <3 Shopify Here at Fahrenheit, we love Shopify for our eCommerce clients and web development initiatives. We value its seamless integrations with Google Ads, payment providers, blog support, and dependability. Shopify also offers thousands of themes for store owners and developers to choose from, and they have both free and premium options. Although free … Continued

Pros and Cons of Low Code Development

As its name suggests, low-code development is a process of developing software or web applications requiring little-to-no coding knowledge. This practice is often carried out through low-code development platforms, typically cloud-based. With these platforms, users do very little manual coding but, instead, use intuitive interfaces with visual representations and drag-and-drop functions to create their products. … Continued

Holiday Marketing Tips for Shopify and BigCommerce

The holiday season is just around the corner, and digital marketing experts recommend beginning your holiday eCommerce differentiation stategy creation as early as June. If you are getting a late start, don’t worry: we’ve compiled seven, holiday, Shopify/BigCommerce methodologies that can be completed in time for the shopping frenzy.  Our comprehensive guide to maximizing your BigCommerce/Shopify … Continued

How To Differentiate in eCommerce

Why eCommerce? Most of us participate in some form of eCommerce daily. From ordering our favorite household products from huge online retailers to purchasing custom sneakers on a boutique social media storefront, eCommerce is everywhere. The internet has changed the way we do business, and shopping from our smartphones and computers has become the norm, … Continued

How Can Shopify be Customized?

what can shopify do for your business? Shopify is one of the most commonly used eCommerce platforms. 1.58 million websites use Shopify as their eCommerce solution for online selling. It allows owners the ability to sell online without guesswork or estimation. It allows designers the freedom to make their online presence match the atmosphere and … Continued

5 Tips For Digital Marketing ECommerce

Life online is busy. Online businesses should be talking to their audiences, creating awareness, and staying front of mind to bolster their eCommerce efforts. Digital marketing helps them do just that, by prioritizing their customers and connecting with them in a genuine and honest way. While you don’t have to have the Best eCommerce Platform … Continued

Best E-Comm Platforms for 2022

E-commerce platforms supercharge your business, and with a little customization are equally unique. Fahrenheit Marketing evaluates the top three options and encourages businesses to see how much can be done with the right help.

7 Key Features of a B2B Ecommerce Website

For several years, e-commerce was considered to be primarily a B2C experience. Businesses would sell a variety of consumer products to individuals. However, it is now standard practice for B2B companies to conduct transactions online with their clients. Like B2C consumers, B2B consumers also have high expectations of online experiences. Although the requirements are different, … Continued

Best eCommerce Platforms in 2020

Have a dropshipping business you want to grow big? Getting into 2020, we have just the right options to help you get that gig going in no time. In the past couple of years, eCommerce platforms have grown bigger than ever. What is an eCommerce Platform?  An eCommerce platform offers an intuitive space for businesses … Continued