Technology and Trends to Watch in 2014

The beginning of the New Year is the time to watch out for up and coming trends. The first month of 2014 has already offered some interesting glimpses into what technology and business trends IT and business leaders should be … Continued

The Foundations of Great Mobile Applications

The boom of mobile gadgets is unstoppable – from tablets to smartphones big and small, we have grown from carrying twelve gadgets in our bag into one that gets all the work done. A gadget that connects, takes photos, brings … Continued

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Website in 2014

At this point, most businesses need to have a mobile website, or they will soon face the possibility of going out of business. The only two reasons that a business wouldn’t need a mobile website is if your business doesn’t … Continued

Online Security Tips for Digital Marketers

Online marketers are in a precarious position. They’re the influencers of the Web, and that means that they’re public figures, on the "front lines" of the Internet. And while we could all stand to take online security just a little bit … Continued

The Making of Good Web Design

The internet is busy 24/7, with thousands of websites being accessed every second. Given the vast number of sites that cater to the same need, competition is now tougher and the need to attract new and recurring visitors is more … Continued

Tools That Help With Social Media Management

Managing your company’s social media profiles can be difficult if the right tools aren’t used. There are many online tools and apps specifically designed to help make your social media management experience significantly easier. There are a few tools that … Continued

What is SEO Marketing?

Search engine optimization is one of the most important and popular tools for internet marketing. Advertising is a primary aspect of managing and running any type of business. You need to advertise in order to acquire new customers and market … Continued

Three Social Media Predictions For 2014

With the year 2014 having just started, many are wondering “What’s Next?” when it comes to social media and digital marketing. Social media has boomed in the past few years and the online web that it has created is ever-changing. … Continued

Your New Marketing Alliance

Owning, running, and managing a business is stressful enough. With so many factors and details to consider in nurturing a business such as reducing costs, increasing profits, analyzing cash flows, etc.. progressing it to its full potential can be time … Continued