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Google Helpouts Google Hangouts is a video chatting service that can connect users to almost anyone across the globe. Google is taking Hangouts to the next level with Helpouts, a video chatting services that connects oblivious users with experienced professionals … Continued

Why Content Marketing Matters

Content marketing adds value to companies, if done well. Traditional advertising isn’t enough to reach consumers and convince them to buy your product; now they’re turning to social media and word-of-mouth reviews to find out just how great your product … Continued

Retweet After Me: I Will Not Scare Off Twitter Followers

A brand’s twitter account holds more responsibility in terms of content than a personal one does. You’re generally held to higher expectations, sharing content that others will likely favorite, retweet or visit any links tweeted. While showing some personality in … Continued

Combating Writer's Block

So, you’ve started blogging on behalf of your organization, someone else’s, or just for yourself. While at first it can be pretty exciting getting to write about a variety of topics, sometimes you can’t help but run into writer’s block. … Continued

Speed Up Your Website's Load Time

A slow-loading website isn’t just unpleasant to sit through, it can usually significantly harm your site traffic numbers and also your site ranking on search engines. After all, a speedy web page can increase user engagement and retention. A website … Continued

Media Relations: Doing it Right

When it comes to public relations, the media is the golden key to leveraging publicity and word-of-mouth marketing. However, media coverage is something to be earned, not automatically given. The better you are at developing relationships with reporters and bloggers, … Continued

Three Considerations for Content Calendars

Most successful social media campaigns are a result of having a company content calendar, a concept of planning your posts ahead of time according to a spreadsheet. Below are three thoughts to ponder regarding how a content calendar can best … Continued

Fundraising with Social Media

For nonprofits, there is nothing more important than being able to carry out your intended purpose, be it providing free services, advice, or materials to those in need. Due to the nature of nonprofits, they can’t achieve any of their … Continued

Increase Your Blog's Readership

With hundreds of thousands of blogs around every corner of the Internet, how can you separate your blog from others? How can you draw people in? What does it take to build a stronger readership? There’s tons of tips floating … Continued