Want Your Website to Work Well on All Devices?

At Fahrenheit Marketing, we want our clients’ websites to look professional and perform perfectly for every user, regardless of whether the user is viewing the website on his or her desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. For this reason, every website we design uses a responsive design.

“What is Responsive Design?”

Responsive design is an approach to website design based on proportion-based grids and flexible images. Responsive websites detect the size of your browser and automatically rearrange themselves to look right for your screen size. Want to see it in action? Check out our website on your phone or tablet, or resize your browser. Notice how this site still looks great?

Some websites require people viewing the site on their phones to zoom and scroll to see the entire site. That isn’t the case with responsive design. Responsive websites are built to never be wider than the screen you’re using to view them.

“Why Should I Choose Responsive Design Over a Separate Mobile Website?”

Responsive websites are better than separate mobile websites for four reasons:

  • No Duplicate Content. By having only one website, you can avoid getting penalized by Google for duplicate content. Google expects the content on your website to be unique, and to comply with that rule while using a mobile site, you would need to write new content.
  • Easier Analytics Research. You’ll only have to go to one place to see all of your website analytics. If you have a separate mobile website, you will have two different sets of website analytics.
  • Compatibility with all Devices. Responsive sites work on all devices, including tablets and televisions. Mobile websites are designed for smartphone use and regular websites are designed for desktop use. Without a responsive website, your visitors using tablets and televisions won’t be able to view your site seamlessly.
  • Improved Performance. Mobile websites often prevent users from experiencing the full breadth of a website, but a responsive website can allow your visitors decide just how much information they want to see.

If you’re interested in learning more about how responsive design can help your website stay current, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today to speak with a member of our team.