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These days, it’s all about mobile devices. While mobile devices’ core functionality is to make phone calls, we’ve been using them for a wide array of other reasons from scrolling through social media to watch videos and download apps. In fact, the average smartphone owner uses about 10 apps each day and 30 apps each month.

If you’d like your business to thrive in this digital age, you should consider developing a mobile app. While it might be tempting to engage an app developer in Austin, however, it’s best to look at engaging an app development company instead. With the amount of experience that they have, they’ll be able to devise the best and most cost-effective solution for your business. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider getting a mobile app.

Provide more value to your customers

Whether you’re looking to digitize your loyalty program or increase overall interaction with your customers, a mobile app can help with that. By taking a look at mobile app development in Austin, you’ll be able to create an app that can provide your customers with a level of value that they won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Increase brand presence

Branding: A mobile app is meant to reflect the overall essence of your business.
Recognition: The more often your customers get involved with your app, the more inclined they are to purchase the product or service that you’re offering.

Develop a connection with your customers

If you’ve engaged with the right app development services in Austin, they’ll also be able to integrate other features such as chat or messaging functions that will allow further communication with your customers.
No matter the product you’re offering to your customer, a mobile app is a great way to quickly answer a customer’s query and establish a more personal communication.

Some other mobile app features that will help you develop a connection with your customers include:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Customization
  • Branding
  • Notifications
  • Regular updates
  • Real-time use

Cultivate customer loyalty

Let’s face it; your business would be nothing without your customers. With plenty of digital noise out there from ads to websites and email marketing, it’s easy for your customers to feel overwhelmed. If you’re looking to cultivate customer loyalty and develop a sincere connection, app development is something to take a look at.

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As seen above, a mobile app can add a tremendous amount of value to your customers while encouraging more purchases. Without a mobile app, you could be missing out on a significant chunk of an ever-growing market.

When it comes to app development, it’s easy to engage a mobile app developer in Austin. While it’s more than likely that they’ll get the job done, why not go one step further and engage an app development agency instead?

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At Fahrenheit Marketing, we’ve got a fantastic team of developers, marketers, and designers that will help take your mobile app to the next level. Whether you’re looking for Android, IOS, or web applications, we’ll work with your business to devise a customized solution.

Even if you’re not a business that’s on the enterprise level, we’ll be happy to help with creating a well-devised business mobile app with automation features and great functionality. By creating a mobile app, you’ll not just be generating additional sales but also improving your competitive edge and broadening your market coverage.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to discuss your mobile app development needs or to schedule a meeting.




Yes, we build apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Not only is it more sensible to invest in apps that work on multiple platforms, but most of our clients want their applications to work across most mobile and web devices. We use development platforms that allow us to quickly support multiple platforms. We also develop web-based applications. In the beginning of mobile app development, the technology to support these apps was much more cumbersome than they are today. While the vast majority of dev work we do is web based, we’ve successfully created mobile apps that had a great run on both IOS and Google Play stores. Let us know what you need built and we can tell you what it will take and how long it will be before it’s live.

This depends on the features list that you want to be added to the app. It is not just the mobile app that requires time to build, the backend also needs development. The development of the Android app, iOS app, and backend needs to be done in parallel. A smaller app can take up to 2 months to complete, while a large app can take up to 6 months or more. The duration will depend on many factors including technical architecture, backend setup, UI coding, functional implementation, integration, etc.

Once you sign up for our app development service, a dedicated project manager is assigned to your account. The manager will act as your point of contact throughout the development process, ensuring optimal convenience. You can expect a swift and professional response to all your queries and requests. You can further expect a range of support and maintenance services even after the launch. The agency will produce a wireframe of the app, outlining all necessary features and how they will work together. Think of it as a blueprint for a building. It is during the blueprint phase that you, as the client, will have the most input.

Yes, we can provide a ballpark estimate as soon as we have all the required information for your project. Typically, we are able to provide it after the initial discussion. We understand the need of our clients to get an approximate idea of the expected costs. However, we expect you to understand that the final cost can vary from ballpark estimates.

We follow a multi-step process that ensures that all our app development projects are delivered on time and budget. Each project gets assigned the right team matching the client’s ideas and technical requirements. We use the coveted ‘Lean Method’ for developing applications. This unique approach helps us minimize waste of resources and keep the cost and risks to the minimum. In the paragraphs above we mentioned a wireframe. Here’s a wireframe for a web app we completed. Yours will look similar.

It is natural and expected that these platforms will be updated in the future. We recommend you test your app with the updated OS and create a list of features/services that may be affected. Once done, we recommend you contact us to create an instant solution. Google and Apple are known to promote solutions for functions/methods they deprecate.

Our in-house testing team uses the most advanced and latest systems to test your app. You may also test your application to share your feedback. When it comes to submitting your app in the Play Store and/or App Store, we can take care of it for you. We provide both native app and cross-platform development services, thus offering a complete development ecosystem.

We will start with an initial meeting to get an understanding of the factors that drive the need for your app development project. Our experienced team will also ensure that the assumptions you have on the required features are correct and proper to meet your goals. After getting an understanding of your business and we will work with you to scope out your needs in detail. Typically, we will create a multi-page requirements specification, including wireframes, before the design process or coding begins.

This is a very important topic and we have chosen to deal with it very clearly: once you pay for the work, it’s yours to keep. The only restriction you’ll find is that the work we create is not to be redistributed. In other words, if we create an app for you, the app is yours perpetually but not for you to redistribute.

If you have an idea of what your app should be like, talk to us. You will never find us hard selling. All calls, followed by our recommendations are without obligations. We are always eager to assist. You can call us at 512-206-4220 or fill us our Contact Us form and you will be put in touch with one of our experts.