4 Mobile App Design Tips

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When deciding to design a mobile app for your business, it’s key to take a step back and make sure your app is efficient and user-friendly. Many times, businesses can get too excited with their mobile apps and forget that their purpose is convenience- are they making the users life easier with this app? While that’s an important aspect of mobile design, it’s also critical that the app looks good — users want something trendy and clean, not over-designed or an eyesore. We’ve got a few tips to help you along in your mobile journey. mobile apps, austin marketing mobile

Keep the Theme

Your app should reflect your company and its website: keep colors and fonts similar, if not exactly the same. The look and feel of your brand should be reflected right back at you in your app. Be sure to upload your logo into the design- users should recognize your brand just from glancing at your app.

Make Your Icon Pop

If it’s going to be sitting on their smartphone or iPad screen, it might as well look good. Design an app icon that resembles your company, coordinates with color and is nice to look at.

Make it Easy

Keep it simple! When designing your app, keep your least-technical customer in mind. Is the app easily navigable? Are the buttons big and easy to understand? Your design should be intuitive and should focus on user-friendliness.

Quality is Key

Everything on your app should have quality, high resolution images, colors that pop, good content and a sleek design. A user may download your app, but if it doesn’t look good and work well, they won’t keep it.

At Fahrenheit Marketing, we design fully responsive sites for our client so their visible and sleek on a variety of devices. If you’re looking to dive into the mobile world, let us help you along. Contact us today to get started.

5 Common SEO Myths

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The world of SEO has been shaken up in the past few years and changed dramatically. Marketers are having to keep up regularly with what’s outdated, what’s new and what works. As SEO has grown and changed, as with most things, there have been myths floating around that are known to be true. However, the following five common SEO myths are entirely false- and we’re here to tell you why.

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  1. SEO is all about ranking, and we must be #1. There is a strong correlation with search result ranks and clickthrough ranks, but ranking isn’t the main goal of SEO anymore. Now that search results show more rich content, links below the top three are getting clicked on more often. This is also true for being number one- searchers have also been shown to click to top three links on subsequent pages. So, it isn’t the end of the world if your link isn’t first.
  2. We have to submit our site to Google. Google is a huge search engine (obviously) and it can find your site without you submitting it. Also, a submission doesn’t guarantee anything- you don’t need to “tell” Google about your site. They’ll find you.
  3. Links > Content. More links is not better than more content. The focus on links should be quality, not quantity. And if your site is putting out links with no rich content, then the amount won’t matter. Investing in content makes more sense than investing in throwing links around.
  4. SEO and Social Media aren’t related. SEO and social media do have an intersection- it’s called “social search.” Your relevant and unique content will drive your social media marketing and SEO. Social search should be a relevant focus-treating SEO and social media as separate entities isn’t going to work.
  5. Updating my content regularly will magically rank my site. Updating alone won’t make your content rank, you have to be getting a healthy amount of links. You have to market your content. Without it, you won’t rank well. Always update your content and build your backlinks.

As SEO grows and expands, many more myths will rise to the surface. At Fahrenheit Marketing, we stay on top of SEO changes and work to make sure your site is up to date and ranking where it needs to be. Contact us today to see how we can help your online presence expand.

Using Videos as a Marketing Tool

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There’s a wide variety of ways to engage your customers, and videos can be one of the most entertaining. In less than 120 seconds, you can make your customers laugh, give them important information, or show them how to use a product. Videos allow your customers to put a face to your company, and give you a chance to show personality beyond the written words. See some of our best reasons why utilizing video as a marketing tool works, then decide if it’s right for your company. marketing tools, video submissions

  • Product How-To’s: If your business sells a tangible product, or products, then why not create videos showing users how to use it? Either make how-to videos explaining what products are for, or showing how your product can be used outside its typical function. Interactive videos like this can show user why they need your product, and then once they have it they can refer back to your videos if they need help using it.
  • Testimonials: Nothing makes a user happier than seeing that other people like your business. Getting satisfied customers to do video testimonials to put on your site lets them brag about you and brings in potential customers. Video testimonials capture emotion that the written word can always grasp.
  • Replace Content: Videos are a great way to drift away from the daily blog. Instead of doing a 300-word write up, shoot a short, one minute video and talk about news, your product, or whatever else was your topic for the day. Keep it interesting and fun. Posting videos instead of plain text will show your customers that you keep it fresh and are here to entertain.
  • User Submissions: When you decide to hold a contest, why not make it video-based? People love a chance to show off, so give them that opportunity by holding a user-submitted video contest for prizes or discounts. Post the winning video on your site, or even post multiple videos that users are allowed to vote on. This draws attention to your site, your social media, and, consequently, your product.

Video marketing can help a wide variety of industries. It’s informative, entertaining, and a step away from traditional blogging. At Fahrenheit Marketing, we work with you to develop the best marketing strategy for your niche market. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’d love to get you more business.

Why Your Business Needs to be on Google+ Local

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Previously Google Places, Google+ Local is now Google’s online review and recommendations aggregator, already racking up more than 100,000 participating businesses. Google+ Local links form location pins in Google Maps and has teamed up with Zagat ratings to provide overviews and reviews for businesses. This new makeup has made Google+ Local a much richer environment for businesses to interact with customers. If your business hasn’t claimed its Google+ Local page yet, it’s time to get on it.

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Google+ Local is Google’s way of integrating Google Places with its social media, Google+. You’re going to find a Google+ Local page to be a much better tool than your Facebook page- it’s searched for by consumers and can be a useful channel for acquiring potential customers.

Zagat’s curated reviews model allows customers to recommend businesses and replaces old Google reviews. Adding to your Google+ Local, whether by you or customers, adds results into Google’s search engines- so search engine results are becoming more social. Though Zagat reviews obviously cater to restaurants with their 30-point rating scale, businesses like hotels and car washes are now being integrated into the rating system via Google+ Local.

If your business has already claimed its Google Places listing, all of this information will roll over into Google+ Local. If your business thrives on customer recommendations, making sure to keep your Google+ page updated and linked with your Google+ Local page is crucial.

If you’re looking to optimize your business’s social media, Fahrenheit Marketing offers full service web development and social media marketing. Contact us today for a free consultation- we’d love to get your business noticed.


How HARO Helps Businesses

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If you haven’t heard of HARO (Help A Reporter Out), your business needs to start checking it out. HARO connects journalists with sources for a wide variety of subjects. Whatever your business’ industry, there’s a reporter out there who needs your expertise. Reporters, bloggers, and other content writers need quotes and information on a wide variety of topics, and HARO is your chance to connect with them personally. HARO gets your business’ name in the news for the world to see, creating backlinks and SEO optimization for your website. HARO benefits, HARO online marketing

After signing up for HARO and picking your industry, you’ll receive two emails a day containing topics your company could be useful for, and when you click on those topics, more details about the reporter, the news outlet, and what’s needed will show. You can then submit your contribution.

It’s important to be savvy when using HARO, however, so that it works to your advantage. Some quick tips include:

  • Make sure you’re reading the emails. Two email a day can seem like a lot, but there’s tons of opportunities for your company to stand out- be sure to at least scan the topics daily.
  • If you’re going to contribute to a post, make sure your pitch is detailed and actually makes sense- don’t trail off topic from what the reporter wants and follow all instructions they give.
  • Help someone out! If you get a query in your inbox that maybe your company can’t contribute to, but you know of someone in your business network that could, forward it to them. Hopefully, next time this happens to them, they’ll think of you.

Unlike reaching out to news organization on social media or via their websites, HARO allows you to connect directly with reporters and their news outlets to get your name in the news. Your odds are better with HARO than with blindly tweeting at experts, and your business can always use important links in big news. If your business hasn’t discovered HARO yet, now’s the time.

At Fahrenheit Marketing, we offer a wide range of online marketing services, including SEO and web development. If your business is looking to expand its online reach, we’d love to help you out. Contact us today for a free consultation.